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T4G Severs All Ties With Mahaney, Kauflin, Sovereign Grace Churches & John MacArthur

C.J. Mahaney, Bob Kauflin and Sovereign Grace Churches, Inc. used to be the centerpiece of Together for the Gospel. Mahaney was a featured speaker and panelist. A fan favorite.  He provided all the attention getting humor and entertainment. He was the charismatic Calvinist. Kauflin led worship at each conference since it began in 2006. He also produced albums of the singing. A money maker for him, SGC and T4G. He has also covered up for Mahaney in the most grievously ways. 

We’re also planning on recording our third Together for the Gospel Live album in April [2016]. I’ve had the joy of leading the music at Together for the Gospel since 2006 and can’t wait to sit at my piano and hear almost 10,000 voices belting out gospel-rich, soul-transforming hymns. You can check out our first two T4G Live albums here and here.

-Bob Kauflin, Feb 8, 2016

Mark Prater,  Ian McConnell, and Jeff Purswell from the SGC Leadership Team did break out sessions promoting church planting and the Pastors College. Prater is the Executive Director (i.e. President). He is demonstratively corrupt. He even arranged an illegal hush fund be set up to keep a victim & his family from joining the lawsuit against C.J. and SGC. 

Sovereign Grace Churches

This breakout session is for anyone who wishes to know more, inquire about, or explore opportunities for church planting or church adoption within Sovereign Grace. Join Mark Prater and Ian McConnell.

-T4G 2016

All these men are gone from T4G!  Thank God! There has never been a more corrupt organization than SGC in evangelicalism. I hope this sends a message to everyone in the Body of Christ. For example, Michael Reeves who just preached at C.J.’s church. Not even Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, or Al Mohler want a trace of participation from them. No one from SGC is even doing a breakout session! They know Mahaney deceived them. Read The Inside Story: Al Mohler Severed All Personal Ties With C.J. Mahaney & Sovereign Grace Churches Because Mahaney Deceived Him Into Believing An “Independent Investigation” of Abuse Was Done (Feb. 28, 2019).

Together for the Gospel is not so much! In addition to Mahaney and Kauflin, three of their celebrities have vanished this year without explanation – John MacArthur, Matt Chandler, and Thabiti Anyabwile. I’ve written separately about John MacArthur’s scandalous sins (more later). Chandler’s Village Church recently had a 1 million dollar lawsuit filed against it on July 26 in a child sex abuse case as reported by The New York Times. Anyabwile has discredited himself with his own reverse racism and making irrational accusations against all white people.   

Thabiti promotes himself as a social justice warrior but he was a social justice compromiser when it came to the victims of sexual abuse in Sovereign Grace Ministries (aka Sovereign Grace Churches, Inc.). Here is the letter I wrote him before he spoke at C.J.’s church in Louisville in 2014. He never responded - just like all the other celebrity leaders who gave C.J. their insane unqualified support despite the evidence. Men like John Piper. See John Piper’s Unqualified Endorsement of C.J. Mahaney Breaks Hearts (Feb. 22, 2013).  


From: Brent Detwiler

Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2014 5:47 PM

To: Thabiti Anyabwile

Subject: Preaching and Commending C.J. at SGCL [Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville]
Importance: High

Hi Thabiti,

I’ve never had the opportunity to meet you but felt the need to drop you this short note as a matter of conscience regarding your plans to preach at C.J.’s church tomorrow.  I assume you will take the occasion to support and commend C.J. like other noted leaders before you.  If so, you are making a grave mistake.  I appeal to you in the sight of Christ, please don’t proceed to honor C.J.  Let me explain.

C.J. was once a dear friend.  I knew him as well as anyone.  We began SGM in 1982.  Larry Tomczak led it until 1991 when C.J assumed that role.  From 1991 to 2007, I was the person primarily responsible for the care of C.J.’s soul in SGM.  In 2007, I resigned from the Board of Directors after 25 years of service because I could no longer support C.J.  His character had eroded so badly, I could not trust him and I no longer respected him. 

For many years, I did all in my power to care for his soul but it came to nothing.  Other leaders also tried to help him grow in Christian character.  The vast majority of them have left SGM and no longer relate to C.J.  Those that stayed with C.J. compromised their integrity.  Two of them, John Loftness and Gary Ricucci, allegedly conspired to commit and cover up sex crimes as detailed in the extensive lawsuit against SGM.  

You will see Gary in the morning when you preach.  He is C.J.’s brother in law, a pastor at SGCL [Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville], and the Director of Student Care in the Pastors College.  Of course, C.J., John and Gary have denied all wrongdoing.  In so doing, they have made the victims and witnesses out to be the most vile liars imaginable.  Yet, the facts show C.J. failed to report known and suspected sex abusers to law enforcement for over 30 years and he counseled others to do the same.  As a result, scores of children and youth were sexually abused and exploited in SGM.  Do you understand what is going here?  C.J., John and Gary are lying when the say the victims of sexual abuse in SGM are liars.  And do you intend to promote these men and their ministry?  

[Note: See these articles for documentation. John Loftness in Focus – Former Chairman of the SGM Board & Alleged Sexual Sadist (July 14, 2013) & Gary Ricucci & the Conspiracy Surrounding Convicted Felon, David Adams (Aug. 2, 2013)] 

Thabiti, if you commend C.J. you are enabling C.J. in the worst possible way.  He needs to be publicly rebuked not empowered.  I find absolutely no pleasure in saying that C.J. has a long and proven record of lying, hypocrisy and abusive leadership.  These are the plain facts.  I say so without malice.  I know well the C.J. you are impressed with and attracted to; but that is not C.J. at the core of his being.  Leaders like yourself have been drawn to his personality, gifting and doctrine.  I understand the attraction.  What I don’t understand is your disregard of the evidence against C.J.  This failure to study the evidence is grossly irresponsible.  As a result, men like yourself have been deceived by his pretentions of character and accepted his demonizing of men like me.  You treat C.J. with partiality and favoritism when you neglect to closely examine the evidence using the rules of evidence.  It is a deplorable state and ever so grievous to our Lord Jesus Christ.     

If you are interested in the evidentiary facts, I am glad to meet with you and other leaders from Together for the Gospel and The Gospel Coalition.   I am happy for C.J. to be present.  In fact, I want him to be present so he can offer a defense and I can cross examine him.  If you’ve read my documents, you know C.J. and SGM repeatedly promised this kind of objective hearing.  In the end, they broke every promise and created a process that was thoroughly corrupt.  Every aspect of due process promised me was deceptively and intentionally violated.  That is a matter of fact statement, not a bitter statement.  As a result, C.J. was never held accountable which means he never received the help he needed. 

I care deeply about C.J.  My appeal to you is born out of love for my brother and concern for Christ’s church.  Evangelical and Reformed leaders who commend C.J. as a qualified minister are doing him and the Body of Christ a great disservice.  The leaders of T4G and TGC should have been calling C.J. to account the last 2½ years.  Instead they justified C.J. at every turn without any judicial inquiry or hearing of evidence.  Rather than pursuing the truth, they accepted as true the talking points provided them by C.J. and SGM.  Those talking points amounted to gossip.  That is, the whisperings of false information behind closed doors where it could not be known or challenged.  This gossip was accepted like false prophesy that goes unjudged by Scripture. 

It is my fervent prayer that God will raise up national leaders that will not be duped or intimidated by SGM and their enablers.  C.J. has never been held accountable in any real sense.  The evidence against him from the past 30 years has never been heard or justly tried.  That includes the conspiracy to commit and cover up sex abuse in SGM.  Law enforcement may not secure the kind of evidence needed to convict in a court of law but that does not absolve C.J., John, Gary, et al. of crimes and heinous transgressions.  The evidence against these men should be presented to leaders of T4G and TGC since SGM is a notable evangelical organization with a history of increasing abuse and corruption.  I am prepared to engage you in such a process.  I sincerely hope you will not reject this offer and thereby continue to justify a man and ministry that is guilty of great iniquities.    

To date, the leaders of T4G and TGC have claimed C.J.’s innocence and protested his guilt.  They have done so without ever evaluating the evidence against him.  Please don’t follow their example as you address C.J. and the church in the morning.  Thabiti, I hope you will be different.  I am dead serious about my offer to meet with you, Al Mohler, Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, John Piper, Don Carson, Justin Taylor and Kevin DeYoung.  You men have not heard the truth!  I’d be ever so grateful if you called me at 704-497-7986 to discuss the contents of this appeal.     

God’s grace to you in discerning the truth and taking a stand for righteousness sake! 



I wrote personal letters like this one to many other friends of C.J. like Wayne Grudem. Not a single one was willing to talk or meet with me. Many like Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Don Carson, Justin Taylor, Joe Carter, and Tim Challies condemned me for slander, legalism and vindictiveness. And fellow celebrity leaders did a corrupt investigation used to justify C.J.  Read Conclusive Evidence the Investigation of C.J. Mahaney’s Confessed Sins by Kevin DeYoung, Ray Ortlund, & Carl Trueman Was Thoroughly Corrupt (Nov. 29, 2016). No one has ever gotten back to me to even say, “Oops.  I’m sorry.” See A Must Read: "Al Mohler's Incomplete Apology: My Story" by Talk Show Host Janet Mefferd. Their great teaching on humility, accountability and confession of sin doesn’t apply to them. 

Take for instance, John MacArthur. He is the consummate hypocrite. He has participated in every T4G conference from the beginning. Why is he missing? Here’s why.

First, for over a decade John has told a completely fabricated story about standing on the blood of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968 within hours of his assassination and on the toilet from which James Earl Ray supposedly fired his rifle. MacArthur was exposed on February 4, 2019 by journalist Paige Rogers on the NOA Report. He has told this vain-glorious account on seven different occasions over 12 years including at Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I exposed him to Dever, Duncan and Mohler and the evangelical world on June 25. I sent this post to over 1,000 leaders.

My Most Important Article Ever! John MacArthur’s Renowned Story He Stood on the Blood of Martin Luther King Jr. with Iconic Civil Rights Leaders Within Hours of Assassination in 1968 a Complete Hoax! Phil Johnson, MacArthur’s Executive Director, Verbally Assails Reporter Who Broke Story in Attempted Cover-Up! And Much More!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 9:23PM

Second, MacArthur had his Executive Director, Phil Johnson verbally attack Paige Rogers in the most vicious way possible. Johnson also lied at length in an attempt to cover up MacArthur’s egregious fabrications. I’ve never seen such deception in print. Johnson is a deceitful tyrant. He is also a pastor/elder at MacArthur’s Grace Community Church where the eldership covers up for both men. 

Third, MacArthur has made outrageous claims he was an All American football player while playing at a no-name college that could hardly field a team. He has also boasted he was recruited by the NFL Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins and even went to a Redskins training camp. These are all self-exalting lies. Many other examples of "padding his resume" could be cited. For example, all his books have been written for him.

Fourth, he and his staff covered up sexual assault and rape related to The Masters University & Seminary (TMUS). That is one of the reasons they are on probation with the Western Association of Schools and College and under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education for violating the Clery Act. Just recently a student filed a lawsuit against the school. In response, the Board of Trustees called an emergency meeting on August 27 according to sources. I hope the student prevails. 

Fifth, MacArthur is guilty of sordid nepotism in the millions of dollars. He paid his son-in-law Kory Welch and his company 7.5 million in monies from TMUS.     

Sixth, the visiting team of professionals from Western Association of Schools and Colleges reported in March “The finding of a pervasive culture and climate of fear, intimidation, bullying, and uncertainty. … Specific reports of unethical behavior by key leaders and fear of reprisal were consistent and corroborated through multiple sources.” 

All of these charges are carefully documented in the article above and this one. They are must reads if you want to know the truth.    

The Account of John MacArthur & Rick Holland’s Horrific Handling of “Jane’s” Rape in Conjunction with Officials from The Master’s University

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 8:02PM

Seventh, Mohler, Dever, and Duncan have broken ties with MacArthur over the issue of social justice. These three men and Sinclair Ferguson were MacArthur’s featured friends at his Shepherds' Conference this past March. During the conference, Phil Johnson led a question and answer session. It did not go well! He angered Mohler when he asked why he didn’t sign The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel. Mohler asked Johnson if he wanted to break fellowship over their differences. Well, that is exactly what has happened.  You can read about the “public spat” below in this article by the Federalist. 

Two Major Evangelical Leaders Get Into Public Spat Over Racial Privilege Statement

By Matthew Garnett

March 11, 2019 

Mohler, Dever and Duncan were slotted to speak again at the Shepherds’ Conference in 2020. It is hosted by MacArthur’s Grace Community Church. A well-placed source told me they all pulled out. That is confirmed here. They are no longer friends and shepherds together for the gospel. 

The issues with John MacArthur, Phil Johnson and the elders at Grace Community Church are ever so serious! If you doubt me read the articles above. You will be stunned! 

Or you can read this article for an overview of the issues. Here are a few excerpts.


My Work the Last Ten Years Best Described in Letter to Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan & Al Mohler Regarding John MacArthur

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 6:16PM 

John has fabricated the entire account about the events of April 4, 1968 [MLK’s assassination] for his vain glory. Phil Johnson, whom you know, is viciously covering up.  John’s deceit, and Phil’s belligerence, are so serious, they should both be removed from ministry. That is not an exaggeration. I have done everything possible to address this matter in private. 

I will be posting the evidence and documentation I have gathered in the next few days. It is incontrovertible. The only question is whether you will read it and act upon it. By act upon it, I mean take the steps necessary to appeal for John’s repentance, ask him to step down from ministry, and remove him from Together for the Gospel 2020 as a speaker. … 

John is not above reproach (1 Tim. 3:1; Tit. 1:7). For 12 years, he has repeatedly lied, with no apparent pangs of conscience, while hypocritically teaching the Word of God. And having been confronted, he continues to lie and cover up in brutal fashion through Phil. He has also built an abusive leadership culture at Grace to You, Grace Community Church, and The Master’s University and Seminary. … 

John MacArthur is probably the best known Bible teacher in the world today but there is a fundamental lack of integrity in his life. That is apparent in his nepotism, cronyism,  treatment of “whistleblowers,” failure to follow the law, misleading claims of persecution, employment of Phil Johnson, not adhering to what he has taught, and deceitful fabrications. I don’t believe the later are confined to his story about April 4, 1968. You must address him on these and call for his repentance. 

How you handle this matter will reveal your true character and commitment to God’s Word. I earnestly hope and pray you will call John and Phil to account and model a biblical standard for leadership in this nation and around the world. I hope others do the same.  


I am glad Dever, Duncan and Mohler have broken fellowship with MacArthur. I am glad he is not participating in T4G and they are not participating in the Shepherds’ Conference. But that is not enough. They must work to see him repent or be removed from ministry. So must others.

I recently wrote famed singers and musicians, Keith & Kristyn Getty, appealing the remove John MacArthur as a headliner speaker at Sing! 2019 in Nashville attended by 15,000. They didn’t listen. I reached out to them using Twitter, Facebook and Email. 

Here is my email to them. 


From: Brent Detwiler 

Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 11:32 AM

To: Keith & Kristyn Getty

Subject: John MacArthur

Importance: High 

Dear Keith & Kristyn, 

You do a wonderful job leading worship and equipping God’s people to worship.  I’m sure the upcoming Sing! 2019 conference will be great but you must disinvite John MacArthur. Please read these two articles.    

John MacArthur's Renowned Story He Stood on Blood of Martin Luther King Jr. with Iconic Civil Rights Leaders within Hours of Assassination in 1968 a Complete Hoax! 

The Account of John MacArthur & Rick Holland’s Horrific Handling of “Jane’s” Rape in Conjunction with Officials from The Master’s University

The articles are fact based.  They contain no slander or gossip only indisputable and overwhelming evidence.  Once you’ve read them you’ll realize John does not qualify for the ministry.  I know that sounds outlandish but it is true.  He should not be a speaker at your conference.  Please disinvite him for the Lord’s sake.