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Strong Lineup of Speakers Prepare for the Saving America Conference

It all came together so quickly.

Over a dozen patriotic Americans are coming together digitally to speak at the Saving America Conference on April 18th, 2020. This free conference will be broadcast on Facebook Live, though other digital streaming venues are currently being explored. It’s being organized by the American Conservative Movement.

For transparency, I’m a co-founder of the ACM and a speaker at the Saving America Conference. Clearly, I’m biased. But that shouldn’t take away from the incredible lineup of speakers we pulled together on short notice, nor should it distract from the unambiguous need that America has right now. Our freedoms are being subverted and the Constitution is being suppressed over real and perceived fears. We need this conference for the sake of the future. We need this conference for the sake of today.

There is much anxiety associated with the coronavirus. Many are worried about contracting the disease that has proven to be deadly to some. There are also fears for our financial future as individuals, families, and a nation. But through it all, there has been an underlying attack on our liberties that has gone widely unchallenged. It’s not that people don’t notice it; the vast majority of Americans affected by the coronavirus lockdowns have seen examples of these attacks on liberty. But too many are accepting it as necessary or even desirable.

Fear changes hearts and minds. The question is whether or not we will fight to change things back when the coronavirus crisis subsides. One of our biggest concerns is that the new normal that will be established in the wake of the crisis will be more accepting of oppression. Many Americans appear to assume that government will hand back their recently seized powers, that they’ll walk back the draconian policies they’ve put in place. Even as some restrictions are lifted, remnants will remain. Will enough Americans fight for a full reversal of the current power grab?

This and other important topics will be on the table at this important conference. The speakers include pastors, retired military, filmmakers, politicians, and an actress. The common thread that binds us together is a deep love for the United States of America and a sincere concern that if we don’t act now, radical progressives will make strides towards their ultimate goal of authoritarianism at all levels of government. Here are the patriots who will be there:

  • Jeff Dornik (Author, Podcaster, Founder of The GK)

  • Joshua Feuerstein (Evangelical & Conservative Activist)

  • Michael Johns (co-founder of the Tea Party & speechwriter for President George HW Bush)

  • Pastor Sam Jones (Pastor, Author, Podcaster)

  • Pastor Greg Locke (Pastor & Conference Speaker)

  • Trevor Loudon (author, filmmaker, speaker)

  • Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (Ret. Air Force, Congressional Candidate, carried the “Nuclear Football”)

  • Pastor Ken Peters (Pastor, Founder of The Church at Planned Parenthood)

  • Mindy Robinson (Actress, Political Commentator, & Congressional Candidate)

  • JD Rucker (EIC of NOQ Report)

  • Matt Shea (Washington State Representative)

  • Dr Mike Spaulding (Pastor, Author, Conference Speaker)

  • Jerry Wayne (Union Worker, 2nd Amendment Enthusiast)

What will America look like when the coronavirus crisis is over? The new normal is being crafted. We must fight to keep our freedoms intact. The #SavingAmericaConference on April 18th is a great first step for every patriot.


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