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Stop tolerating snowflakes within the Church! | Dr Everett Piper

As the Church faces new obstacles in a post-Trump America, one of the biggest things that we need to focus on is rooting out the snowflakes that have taken over Christianity! Dr Everett Piper joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to confront this weak-minded worldview that attempts to make everything into a victim vs oppressor issue. We need strong leadership from our Church leaders, always declaring the truth faithfully and boldly directly from Scripture! If we are going to save our nation, we are first going to have to take back the Church.

Dr Piper shared that he was not originally a Donald Trump supporter when he first ran back in 2016. Many Christians had concerns with his lack of moral character in his background and were worried that he was going to campaign as a Conservative and govern as a Democrat. To the surprise of many, Trump turned out to be the most Conservative President in our lifetime, taking a stand for the pro-life movement and religious liberty in a way that no other president had.

Instead of taking this as a pleasant surprise, many Evangelical leaders dug their heels in with their Never Trump rhetoric, going the completely opposite way and embracing the Democrat platform. This has created a division in the church unlike anything we've seen in recent times. We are seeing pastors preaching from their pulpits that it is wrong to be Patriotic, we shouldn't care about saving America and defending freedom and liberty is a false political idol that we need to shed.

One of the extremely fascinating points that Dr Piper made in this interview was that the whole point of Exodus was freeing Israel from slavery and allowing them to be a free nation. God used Moses to lead the Jews out of oppression and slavery into a free nation where they were able to live independently and valued similar liberties that we celebrate in America today.

On a spiritual level, the freedom that we are granted here in America was designed to be a reflection of the freedom that we have in Christ. Given that our Founding Fathers based our nation's founding documents on the Word of God, this is not surprising. The fact that Christians are willing to trade their freedoms for oppression of a godless ideology that the Democrats have embraced wholly is nothing but pure evil brought about by a spiritual blindness.

If we are going to save our nation, we must start in our churches. We need to bring back Biblical preaching from the pulpits and the proclamation of the Gospel in the streets! We must reject Socialism, Communism and Marxism, as these ideologies are antithetical to Scripture and the character of God. Remember, it is not selfish to fight for freedom and liberty... you aren't just doing it for yourself, but for the good of your fellow Americans.


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