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Stewart Rhodes | Oaths Not Upheld | Battlefront: SouthGate

Joining #SouthGate is Stewart Rhodes, Army Veteran paratrooper, Founder and President of Oath Keepers and U.S. Constitution expert. Dustin Faulkner and Stewart discuss the current state of our politicians regarding law-breaking, systematic privacy intrusion and his work in touring the nation fighting against these issues and defending citizens' constitutionally protected rights. You will never forget this call to act and directives to change the fate of your country.

***Note: In this episode we inadvertently predicted these current riots and made light of the overreach of police and government authorities. This is what comes with careful study and understanding the larger picture of events in your world. Battlefront: Broadcasting brings you that quality. Not some prompter reader. Support us by paypal.me/dfaulksystems.***






Governor Abbott issues directive requiring 100% of nursing homes to test staff and residents for COVID-19


Liberal Billionaire John Arnold pays for plane to fly over Baltimore, Maryland and surveil innocent citizens. Gets found out and push back. City then approves use of 3 planes to do this months after.




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