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SCOTUS Hocus Pocus | Rachel Alexander | The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez #16

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Rachel Alexander and Bobby Lopez spill the tea on the Ginsburg seat and what comes next during this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly.

Rachel Alexander joins this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly to discuss the current controversy regarding the opening on the Supreme Court created by the passing of RBG. Both Republicans and Democrats are calling each other hypocrites for how they are handling this SCOTUS nomination vs how they handled it in 2016. In 2016, Republicans said that they should hold out for President Trump to nominate someone for SCOTUS, while now they are saying not to wait. The Democrats, on the other hand, were wanting to push the nomination through in '16, while now they are saying wait until after the election. Both sides are acting hypocritically!

So now that we have that out of the way, the question becomes: Who will President Donald Trump nominate? Rachel and Bobby discuss some of the options and whether having another Constitutional Supreme Court justice will give us the opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade.


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