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Science without God is simply wrong | Dr Cal Beisner | Conversations with Jeff #85

Science is vitally important, but what do we do when the supposed scientists and experts are promoting models and science not rooted in reality? Dr Cal Beisner joined this episode of Conversations with Jeff to explain how exactly what is passing as "science" is really false information rooted in a false worldview.

Within Christianity, we talk a lot about the importance of having a biblical worldview. Proof of this is in the modern day science being cited by the supposed "experts." Recently, Dr Cal Beisner wrote an article titled "The Final Years of Majuro—Are a Long Way Off", which explained exactly how the Climate Change claims of rising sea tides and global warming are so far off when compared to reality.

When dealing with these predictive models that tell us things like "We only have 12 years left" as promoted by AOC, Dr Beisner explains that the scientists are starting out with many assumptions that don't reflect reality. So when checking to verify the models being cited, they doin't turn out to be true because there are variables not being included, as that wouldn't predict as dire of a situation.

The root problem comes to the lack of a biblical worldview. Dr Beisner shared how science was originally rooted in Christianity, since it was about knowledge and truth. Taking God out of science has allowed many assumptions that cause the results of many of these studies to be full of errors.

This is a fascinating conversation that will blow your mind at certain points, really helping you to discern truth from error!

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For more information on Dr Cal Beisner, check out the website Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: http://cornwallalliance.org

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