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SBC President Ed Litton refuses to repent from long-term history of deceit and plagiarism

Dr. Ed Litton was elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention during a second vote on June 15, 2021 in Nashville, TN. Here are the official results.

First ballot.

SBC Annual Meeting @SBCMeeting

Election results

15,678 messengers were registered

14,300 cast ballots

Mohler: 3,764 - 26.32%

Stone: 5,216 - 36.48%

Litton: 4,630 - 32.38%

Adams: 673 - 4.71%

17 ballots disallowed

Stone and Litton will go to a runoff.


2:52 PM · Jun 15, 2021

There needed to be a run off between Mike Stone and Ed Litton because neither reached the required 50 percent threshold. A second ballot was taken. Two hours later the results were in.

SBC Annual Meeting @SBCMeeting

Presidential Election results

13,131 votes cast

Stone - 6,278

Litton - 6,834

Ed Litton Elected SBC President


4:53 PM · Jun 15, 2021

I thought Al Mohler would win the presidency but he came in third. By a 2 to 1 ratio his supporters voted for Litton on the second ballot. That put Litton on top. The men exchanged pleasantries.

Albert Mohler @albertmohler The Southern Baptist Convention has a new president, @EdLitton, who now fully deserves our prayer and encouragement. If I can ever help, I am a phone call away. #SBC2021 #SBC21 4:56 PM · Jun 15, 2021

Ed Litton @EdLitton @albertmohler is a trusted transformational leader in the SBC and the greater kingdom of our Lord. We had a gracious conversation following the election. He generously offered his support. I am grateful for his genuine servant’s heart. 4:30 AM · Jun 16, 2021

Others weighed in like Robert Downen of the Houston Chronicle, Rachael Denhollander, and Phillip Bethancourt of the ERLC.

Robert Downen @RobDownenChron Replying to @RobDownenChron and @ThigpenTiffany. @R_Denhollander: “Ed Litton’s character and positions give me hope that significant positive change is possible for the denomination. I sincerely hope to see strong leadership in addressing corruption and abuse in the year to come” #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC #SBCtoo 4:58 PM · Jun 15, 2021

Phillip Bethancourt @pbethancourt Congrats to @EdLitton who was just elected SBC president! There are bright days ahead as we unify around our gospel mission! #SBC21 4:52 PM· Jun 15, 2021

I was encouraged by these affirmations.

Thirteen days later, I read an article by the Baptist Press entitled, “Litton, Greear say Litton had permission to borrow from sermon.” After reading it, I wrote Ed in private.

That was June 29. I have been appealing to Ed, his pastors, and the SBC Executive Committee since then in hopes he would repent. That has not happened. Here is the story. I share it with a redemptive motive. I hope godly change comes about as a result.


From: Brent Detwiler Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2021 6:19 PM To: Ed Litton Cc: Scott White; Bobby Shirley; Billy Graham; Taylor Anderson; Cliff Downey; Christopher Reed; Seth Maggio; Daniel Owen Subject: RE: Question to Consider - Why Didn’t You Credit J.D.?

Hello Ed,

I am praying most earnestly for your good which is conforming to Christ as it is for me.

I’ve written you twice before. The first was a month ago. I received no response.

From: Brent Detwiler Sent: Monday, June 28, 2021 5:13 PM To: Ed Litton Subject: Question to Consider - Why Didn’t You Credit J.D.?

This is a friendly note for your consideration.

Litton, Greear say Litton had permission to borrow from sermon | Baptist Press

By Scott Barkley, posted June 28, 2021 in SBC News

Without attribution you deceived Redemption into believing those parts of your sermons were original when in reality they originated with J.D. and were used verbatim. That led the church to mistakenly think highly of your insights when they came from another. That’s my greatest concern. I think your confession needs to be more specific and I am concerned this was a pattern with the removal of all your sermons. I hope I am wrong.

The question you must answer is why didn’t you credit J.D.? It doesn’t matter that you had permission to use his material.

I’d submit when we fail to credit others it is because we want to get the credit they deserve. For example, we want to impress as a preacher. We see this type of thing in the sin of Ananias and Sapphira. They wanted the apostles to think more highly of themselves than they deserved.

I genuinely want you to succeed and prosper. I rejoice in your election and I pray for you daily. I will soon be writing you about the matter of sexual abuse pertaining to C.J. Mahaney and Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville.

The Lord strengthen you with grace.


I wrote you again on Saturday and copied the pastors. I asked for response by today but received none.

From: Brent Detwiler

Sent: Saturday, July 24, 2021 3:54 PM

To: Ed Litton

Cc: Scott White; Bobby Shirley; Billy Graham; Taylor Anderson; Cliff Downey; Christopher Reed; Seth Maggio; Daniel Owen

Subject: RE: Question to Consider - Why Didn’t You Credit J.D.?

Importance: High

Hello Ed,

I wrote you the end of June concerning why you didn’t credit J.D. That question has still not been answered. For example in your July 2 interview with Jonathan [Howe]. I’ve been hoping for positive developments but there have been none in the public domain.

Therefore, I’d like to request a response to my observations about your deceitfulness and the need for a specific confession. In this regard, I’d appreciate a response by next Tuesday. Thank you.

I have copied the pastors.

God‘s grace to you in abundance.


I write a third time as a brother in Christ hoping for your repentance. Here is my appeal.

I’ve gone through the videos appearing online that document your use of seven messages by J.D. and one message by Tim Keller without any attribution. They evidence the seriousness of your sin. They follow below.

Example 1: Romans 1

Litton and Greear: Borrowing or Plagiarism? - YouTube Posted June 21, 2021 6:58 mins.

How the Fall Affects Us All: Romans 1:24-32 J.D. Greear Jan. 27, 2019

Born to Be Wild: Romans 1:18-32 Ed Litton Jan. 27, 2020


Example 2: Romans 8

Litton and Greear Romans 8:1-11 sermon borrowing - YouTube Posted June 28, 2021 15:23 mins.

Freedom: The Greatest Chapter in the Bible – Part 1: Roman 8:1-11 J.D. Greear May 26, 2019

The Greatest Chapter in the Bible: Romans 8:1-11 Ed Litton May 03, 2020


Example 3: Romans 13

Ed Litton plagiarizes yet another Romans sermon from JD Greear - YouTube Posted 29, 2021 13:27 mins.

Not My Kingdom: Romans 13:1-14 J.D. Greear Dec. 8, 2019

We the People: Romans 13 Ed Litton Sep. 20, 2020


Example 4: Romans 14

Southern Baptist President Plagiarizes Romans 14 Sermon in Endless Sermongate Scandal - YouTube Posted June 29, 2021 6:50 mins.

Unity > Uniformity: Romans 14:1-15:13 J.D. Greear Jan. 5, 2020

The Good Fight: Romans 14:1-9 Ed Litton Oct. 11, 2020


Example 5: Romans 7

Greear cites, Litton doesn’t (Romans 7) - YouTube Posted July 1, 2021 2:02 mins.

The Life-Long Struggle: Romans 7:1-25 J.D. Greear May 5, 2019

The Struggle: Romans 7:1-25 Ed Litton Apr. 26, 2020


Example 6: Romans 12

Ed Litton Plagiarizes JD Greear's Sermon on Romans 12 - YouTube Posted July 2, 2021 17:38 mins.

Loving Your Friends: Roman 12:9-13 J.D. Greear Oct. 14, 2019