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Rioters are taking the Dems down | Guest Rachel Alexander | The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez

Rachel Alexander of Townhall joins Bobby Lopez on this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly to talk about the Democrats' grim future after being defined by the deadly riots of 2020. Rachel Alexander is the editor of Intellectual Conservative and a contributor to Townhall, WND, the Christian Post and more.

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For the longest time, we saw the "protests" and riots occur without any pushback from Democrats and the Left. While many Democrats are beginning to "condemn the violence" in places like Portland, their ongoing defense and protection has enabled them. Now that these mobs have gotten out of control, people are literally getting killed in the streets. This might be the downfall of the Democrats. Rachel Alexander and Bobby Lopez break down what's going on surrounding these riots and what this means for the future of the Democrat party. Now, the Democrat party is finding themselves between a self-imposed rock and a hard place. They've turned support of BLM into a litmus test of whether you are racist or not. If you oppose BLM then you are now a racist, yet the Dems can't support violence and murder. They've attempted to ignore it for long enough. So now, the question is: Will they continue to support Black Lives Matter or agree that President Donald Trump is correct in his assessment of needing to shut down these riots? They can't have one foot in and foot out. They need to decide which route they'd like to go, and if they take a strong stance against violence, they face the task of having to admit that Donald Trump was right all along and also disown Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

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