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Resist the Reality

Tonight Dustin speaks about the ongoing seizure of the United States since Joe Biden was placed into presidency. Many executive orders were signed on day one and more continue as Biden and Harris rush to wash the presidency of Donald Trump away. Much like the Obama admnistration upon occupation Biden shows that the Communist agenda is stronger than ever as America First and Capitalism are cut off from the landscape.

Whether it's the embracing of the Green New Deal, COVID-19 restrictions, face mask mandates, shutting down the Keystone Pipeline or giving China access to our power grid, it is clear for all to see that the Biden administration does not have America's best interests at heart. Biden has taken Trump's America First agenda and turned it into America Last.

For Christians, this is especially concerning, as the only way that we will freely be able to preach the Gospel to the world is through the preservation of our Constitutional rights. Yes, the Gospel will continue to thrive no matter what, as God can and will use our circumstances no matter what to further His plan. However, on a practical level for each of us, we are facing our freedom to worship God as we see fit begin to come to an end with the ripping up of the Constitution by this new administration.

Tonight Dustin challenges you to make your choice where you stand and come to terms with what will happen when you do. This could possibly be the final stand of public Christianity and Conservatism before all are brought under the regime of dark siege.

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