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Repent or be Damned

I have been repeatedly asked about the troop build-up happening in Washington D.C. so I will make this statement tonight - an exercise of free speech:

The Democrat Party has perfected the art of using a sledge-hammer to put in a thumb-tack on a cork bulletin board.

Their unbearable lack of EQ (emotional quotient) and IQ (intelligence quotient) will stoke bitter hatred and probably end-up provoking deadly violence. They should be ashamed of themselves, but their political idolatry has murdered far too many innocent babies and sexually confused and abused too many little children to have the presence of a conscience necessary for such required shame.

The troop build-up in Washington D.C. is an offensive, partisan display of the innate tyrannical proclivities of communist, Jack-booted leftists who clearly hate Americanism at its very core, and seek to destroy the true liberty left to us by our founding fathers.

The armed build-up is a foolish and provocative act of Kabuki Theater taken against the lawful, CONSTITUTIONAL purpose of the existence of federal troops... For a purpose of what is most likely a horrible media stunt.

These baby-killing, sexually perverted, vermin are ONLY anti-gun (anti-Constitution) when it comes to YOU (the lowly, peasant-citizen, who exists beneath them once they have snorted the opiate of power). Like an addict who has been denied their drug of choice until withdrawals cause cold-sweats, pain and anguish... after they have finally regained temporary power and have it smoking in and out of their nostrils, they are all too eager to show you how willing to shoot you they truly are... and the media is gobbling up the made-for-TV-show.

What do I think about Democrats, you may ask? Here's what I think. Democrats are sickening, fear-mongering, hypocritical, amoral blights upon this nation. And while I am at it, so are a majority of registered Republicans.

I loathe both parties for similar reasons. They are made-up of wicked, statist, Biblically illiterate, unrepentant infidels who are beneath contempt, and will continue to face the righteous, indirect wrath of God until they rediscover humility (which I realize is highly improbable).

Ultimately, the citizenry of this country are completely responsible for the scum and villainy they have been foolishly re-electing across the last few decades.

Repent or be damned.

Exodus 18:21

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