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Proof that Jerry Falwell Jr is getting pushed out by Woke Leftists

Well, Dr Bobby Lopez was right! Bobby recently posted a new episode of his podcast, The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez, where he dove into the recent Jerry Falwell Jr controversy. He compared the current ousting of Falwell to what happened to Paige Patterson at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is an intentional push by the Woke, Leftist, Progressive crowd trying to eliminate a strong conservative voice from leadership in one of the last beacons of Conservative Christianity.

While many within the “discernment world” have been pushing for the cancelling of Jerry Falwell Jr, I believe that conservative Christianity is playing right into the strategy of the Left. Now, I need to be clear: Jerry Falwell’s pictures were stupid. Unfortunately, we live in a time where those promoting anti-biblical theology (and even some who promote biblical theology) are looking for any reason to attack and destroy top leaders of conservative Christianity.

We have our own version of #CancelCulture… in fact, we are really the ones who started it a while back! During his podcast, Bobby explained this. If you want further information on #CancelCulture within the Conservative movement and Christianity, you can listen to my conversation with Denise McAllister on her podcast, Romans One.

Now, here’s the problem with this current Falwell Jr “scandal.” The Left knows that Conservatives are quite judgmental… or as Bobby calls them “Prissy Christians.” We have morals… and high standards for our leaders. The problem is that we often times place our Evangelical Leaders on such a high pedestal, that we demand perfection from them. If they aren’t perfect in every way, then the mob rushes in and tears them apart. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with critiquing a public figure for saying or doing something wrong. But let’s also remember that they are also human, and we need to extend grace and understanding, remembering that you and I are no different from them. They sin, just like you and I.

Since the Leftist Woke crowd knows that we will devour our own if they stumble in anyway, they dig and dig and dig until they find something that they can use to destroy their intended target, just throwing the dirt out there and letting us do their dirty work for them.

There’s an organization called Save71, a Liberty University alumni organization, whose focus is making sure that Jerry Falwell Jr gets permanently kicked out of LU. If you look at their website, they use certain buzzwords that they know will appeal to Conservative Evangelical Christians, things like “responsible and virtuous Christian leader,” “hypocrisy and corruption,” and they close out their statement on their website with “We put no faith in riches or comfort, in status or power. We put our faith in Christ alone, and we want Liberty University to follow Him.”

But if you look further, they post a timeline of the “sins” of Jerry Falwell Jr, most of which happen to revolve around his support of President Donald Trump. That was clue number one for me. But it gets worse…

Taking a look at the leadership of the organization, this give us more clues as to what this organization is actually trying to accomplish. Dustin Wahl is a never-Trumper, writing numerous articles during the 2016 election calling on Christians to not vote for President Trump. Calum Best has written about how Liberty University needs to have a serious conversation about racism. Alexandra Green posted a thread about why she believes Falwell needs to go, saying that

I’m grieving for the students of color, for the queer students… Please know that though this Board keeps refusing to see your queerness, your race… God keeps choosing to see & respond to & operate w/in all of those different aspects of your identity.

As you can see, they have an agenda. It does not align with the conservative values of Liberty University. It does not align with conservative politics. It doesn’t even align with Biblical Christianity. In the same way that Woke Christianity has taken over the Southern Baptist Seminaries under the leadership of Albert Mohler, they see an opportunity to take over Liberty University, permanently transforming this university into a Woke Never-Trump University. With the billions of dollars of assets, it’s a prized possession that they desire to control.

While it’s perfectly reasonable to questions some of Jerry Falwell’s statements and behavior, we have to make sure that we don’t lose the war to win the battle. We are seeing a systematic takeover of the Evangelical Church in America, and we need to put up a fight, not play right into their hand.

If you are a Conservative Christian site promoting Save71 because you agree with their stated premise of getting rid of the problematic Falwell, you need to actually gain some discernment and understand that by partnering with them, you are giving them what they want: to utterly destroy Biblical Christianity, replacing it with a Progressive version that is wholly unbiblical.

Stop giving the Left exactly what they want! Grow a spine and let’s win this war. We are not only fighting over the soul of America, but over the eternal life of millions of American students being brainwashed in the “Christian” education system now run by Woke professors.

Let’s cancel Cancel Culture and focus on winning the war against those trying to destroy Christianity and America.


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