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Pro-Fraud Christians: Christian Nationalism | Alan Atchison

Many of the Evangelical Elite, most of which would refer to themselves as "Conservative," are throwing slanderous accusations towards Donald Trump and his supporters, including claims of "white supremacy" and "Christian Nationalism." What is actually going on here and why is this happening within Evangelicalism? Alan Atchison of Capstone Report joins Bobby Lopez in this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly to discuss these wild accusations.

Evangelical leaders, such as Beth Moore, Tim Keller, David Platt, Mark Dever and many others have gone full on "Never Trump", going so far as to justify voting for the pro-abortion and pro-sin Joe Biden and the Democrats. They have contracted TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and are so triggered that they can't even be intellectually honest. In their mind and in their claims, they believe that the only reason why Conservatives could vote for such a horrific man as Donald Trump would be because of white supremacy and this claim of Christian Nationalism.

When push comes to shove, however, why is Christian Nationalism wrong? Think about it... Globalism is unbiblical. The Bible is clear when it comes to national borders and national sovereignty. Even on a spiritual level, Heaven has a border, and God sets the standard for entry. The only way in is either perfection or taking on Christ's perfection by placing your faith in Him, repenting of your sins and following after Him. So when it comes to this claim of Christian Nationalism, the motivation for this accusation is that the accusers have a Globalist mindset.

There's definitely some serious problems within our mainstream Christian leadership. The fact that our supposed Conservative leaders hate Trump so much shows just how spiritually blind our pastors truly are. They can't even see that our nation is in a battle between Good and Evil. Unfortunately, they are finding themselves on the wrong side of the battlefield.

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