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President Trump's March for Life speech demonstrates why the faithful must vote for him

The label "pro-life Democrat" is quickly becoming obsolete. It's antiquated; one would have an easier time finding someone who speaks Paakantyi than a Democratic politician who is pro-life. Yes, there are still a few, but they're being systematically pushed aside. Being pro-life is anathema in the New Democratic Party. Lawmakers who are flying the blue flag are being forced to switch their views or get forced out completely.

At the 2020 March for Life rally in Washington DC on Friday, President Trump became the first president to address the rally in person. He delivered a 13-minute speech that included Bible verses and praise for God who created us. It wasn't his best speech, but it had a beautiful message that resonated with the youthful crowd.

Ever since he became a candidate, many conservatives and Christians have struggled with his apparent lack of experience with the Bible. Many mocked him when he addressed an audience by quoting "Two Corinthians." They shared the clip of him saying he never asks for forgiveness from God. They pointed out that he was pro-choice for most of his adult life and questioned whether or not he would be a champion for the unborn if allowed to sit in the Oval Office. I know these things because I was one of them. I was a "Never Trumper" who reluctantly accepted him as the lesser-of-two evils. But even as I feared what Hillary Clinton would do as president, I was also fearful that Donald Trump would turn away from his promises, including his promise to protect the sanctity of life.

Today and for a while now, I can humbly admit that was completely wrong. Was I wrong about his personality being abrasive or his leadership style being too bombastic? No. Was I wrong about him being weak in his knowledge of the Bible? No. But where I was very wrong is in the only place that counts the most when it comes to presidential leadership. I was wrong about him breaking his promises, especially his promise to protect preborn babies. He has fulfilled this and many other promises and far exceeded even my most generous expectations of what he would do in office.

During these years with him as President, his consistency on the abortion issue has been a stark contrast to the radical and rapid evolution of the Democratic Party. They went from preaching abortion that was "safe, legal, and rare" to becoming the party of extreme adherence to promoting the principles of abortion-on-demand. They've stretched far beyond the middle ground on abortion to the point they continuously block votes to make it illegal to let a baby die if born alive after a failed abortion. They push for abortion to be legal right up to the point of delivery.

There was a time when I believed the only people who could support late-term abortions were those who were completely unaware of how brutal and heartbreaking the practice really is. I was wrong once again. Today, many Democratic leaders are fully aware of what they're promoting and are willing to encourage the practice anyway. It is evil, and I do not use that word lightly. I normally reserve it for descriptions of the demonic realm.

Seeing what is being proposed by Democratic candidates for president can only be described as a proper representation of demonic evil.

Listen to this speech. Ask yourself if any of President Trump's Democratic candidates could say anything he says or do anything he's done to protect the sanctity of life in America. Then, imagine how empowered the abortion industry would be if he loses.

It's terrifying.


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