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Unmasked police arrested Shannon Joy for wearing face mask on chin

This is the most disgraceful, menial and humiliating career-low of any American police officer I've probably seen in my lifetime - to arrest an honorable, Christian lady, wife, and mother of children, (a doctor's wife no less) for not properly wearing a near-useless paper mask.

Why do the officers, as members of an otherwise noble profession, allow themselves to be so degraded and dishonored? Why do they not refuse these unlawful orders else resign from such a foolish and corrupt charade of enforcing such folly to find another, better city where their profession is not sullied by unAmerican fascism and tyranny?

Rising from these depths shown in this photo, these poor police officers would truly ascend to a higher status of societal importance if they became public school janitors with similar (or an even lower) pay-scale.

Did you notice that the officer in the photo on the right is NOT wearing a mask, and the officer on the left has her mask pulled down over her chin? That is why Shannon Joy was arrested. For having her mask over her chin.

What a multi-layered disgrace this fascism is making of us all. The Chinese communists must be celebrating our idiocy by popping corks on bottles of champaign. Our once great nation is wallowing in the mud like swine, and we allowed our communist enemies in China to cause the entire spectacle.

It looks as though we have become a nation of blithering fools. Have we no intelligence or honor left? Will we allow medical fascism to destroy what our soldiers who died on foreign soil fought to preserve?

Apparently some of you will. I do not know you anymore (nor do I want to know you). You are a disgrace. You are acting like this despite the statistical FACT that this is no more or less dangerous than the common flu.

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