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Pay attention to people's fruit

You really need to learn to pay attention to people's fruit. This is what our Lord taught us to do. How did their kids turn-out? How did their finances turn-out? What condition is their life's "fruit" in?

Never, ever, ever, take advice from people with rotten fruit unless they are humble enough to be transparent, and offer instruction to you on how to destroy your life by following their bad ideas. If that is their open intention, then you can listen to them without violating any Biblical principles.

People with a terrible background can be very helpful if they are willing to become a warning beacon, but all of them who are still deeply imprisoned by the sin of pride, almost always still consider themselves to be some kind of wise social-media sage. They are not only deluded, you are deluded if you are reckless enough to actually listen to them.

Most of the time, what you will find is that the people with the bad fruit have all the arrogant advice, especially on Facebook, and they are so drunk on their own arrogance they openly, shamelessly criticize people with all the good success and great fruit.


As John Wayne once famously said: "Life is hard, but it's extremely hard if you are stupid."


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