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Pastors Demand that Iowa Governor Retract Unconstitutional Mandates

Pastor Sam Jones is leading a group of Iowa Pastors in opposing Iowa Governor Kimberly K. Reynolds' new COVID-19 mandates. For many Conservative Christians, the call goes out to submit to these mandates no matter how tyrannical they may be. However, when push comes to shove, if a Governor declares illegal laws, they are not to be followed... unless, of course, you want to be complicit in illegal behavior. It's a weird conundrum - obeying your governor could actually be immoral, as you'd be giving credibility to government officials breaking the law.

On top of that, these mandates are stripping American citizens of their Constitutional Rights, which no governor has the authority to do. From a Biblical perspective, Christians are commanded to continue to gather together to fellowship and worship God. We must remember... we are to obey God over man.

Below is the Press Release from Pastor Sam Jones, Cary Gordon and several other Iowan Pastors.

Whereas, God is the sole Creator of the earth and man, being made directly in His image, is the apex of His creation; and

Whereas, God is the ultimate and highest authority, and His laws are the highest laws; and

Whereas, masks cover the image of God by obscuring personal identity, and violate the holy law of God by restraining the healthy in place of the symptomatic sick; and

Whereas, the Constitution of the state of Iowa and the Constitution of the United States recognize the right of the people to assemble peaceably with no abridgement; and

Whereas, the Governor has no constitutional authority to decree law to the rightful citizens of Iowa; and

Whereas, Clergy is commissioned to preach the whole counsel of God’s Word and to be a conscience to a wicked world that is often ruled by tyrants.

Now therefore, we, ministers of the gospel, by the power and authority vested in us by God Almighty, ORDER and DIRECT the following:

That Governor Kimberly K. Reynolds retracts her unconstitutional and oppressive mandates that require the citizens of Iowa to cover the image of God by covering their personal identity with a mask and the mandates that abridge the citizens of Iowa from exercising their God given right to peaceably assemble. We recognize and uphold the Governor’s right to strongly recommend actions be taken in the interest of public safety as the extent of her constitutional authority.

That the Iowa Legislature reconvenes with the express purpose to fulfill their legislative duty by ending the unlawful Proclamation of Disaster Emergency. We also call upon the Iowa Legislature to fulfill their oath to uphold the Constitution of Iowa by checking the tyrannical powers that have been exercised by the executive branch.

Further, we resolve: To defy the Governor’s unlawful decrees and to direct our churchmen to ignore her unauthoritative mandates by teaching that rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.

Thus, may our Heavenly Father rule and His laws be obeyed,

Pastor Keeton Wainscott, Rev. Cary Gordon, Pastor Michael Demastus, Rev. Christian Shields, Pastor Sam Jones.

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