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Pastor Ken Peters' son exposes the flaw in #NeverTrump logic

We all love Pastor Ken Peters! He's the founder of The Church at Planned Parenthood, as well as the pastor at a new church he's founding in Tennessee called Patriot Church. He's also one of the co-founders of the American Conservative Movement, of which I'm a co-founder as well. He's a super happy, positive guy that is unafraid to declare the truth without restraint.

Thankfully, he's passed that trait onto his children. Recently, his son, Micah Peters, gave the perfect argument against the #NeverTrump movement.

There are 6 people in a friend group. Some want to go to Taco Bell, and some want to go to McDonalds. They decide to take a vote. Three people vote for McDonalds. Two have voted for Taco Bell, and it is now your turn to vote. You like Taco Bell wayyyy more than McDonalds, but you want Wendy’s even more. You decide that you’re going to vote for Wendy’s because the other two options aren’t exactly what you want. You have now effectively lost the vote for the two Taco Bell lovers, and their hopes of eating Taco Bell are dashed because of you. You also suffer the same consequences as them and are forced to eat at McDonalds.

I can't tell you how many conservative Christians are refusing to vote for Donald Trump yet again. Now, however you vote is between you and God. You have to go with how God has convicted you. With that said, He can also use common sense and logic to help change your mind in certain areas, so it's always important to have an open mind and re-evaluating your position.

When it comes to being #NeverTrump, many will say that we shouldn't be forced into a binary choice. That's fair, but as Micah Peters explained, not voting for the best candidate with a chance to win will ensure victory for the worst candidate.

In this 2020 election, we are going up against an evil Democrat Party. They are anti-God, pro-abortion up to (and after) birth, support taking away our constitutional rights and are stripping us of our freedom to worship God as we see fit. Strategically, if the Democrats take power, we will probably never see another Republican, let alone a Conservative Christian, as president in our lifetime.

Why do I say that? The Democrats want to make illegal immigrants legal, which is 30 million Democrat voters. They want to make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states, which will get them four more senators and several more representatives. They want to make felons to be able to vote. They also want to lower the voting age to 16. They want to take away Voter ID. They want mail-in ballots. All of these are more Democrat votes, which are virtually impossible to overcome if they are implemented.

So let me put it to you this way: If Joe Biden becomes president, America is done. We are going full-on socialism and there's no coming back from it. If Donald Trump wins, at least we'll have a chance to get a strong conservative Christian in office. Otherwise we have ZERO chance.

It's do or die time. Don't let your refusal to vote for President Donald Trump throw America down the drain. Because that's exactly what will happen if Joe Biden becomes president.

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