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Our mission in a post-Trump America | Patrick Wyett

Many Conservatives feel betrayed by our own government after the 2020 Presidential Election. We turned out in droves, earning President Donald Trump more votes than any president has received in the history of American politics. However, as Believers in the one true God, our mission goes way beyond simple politics here in the United States of America. Yes, this is extremely disappointing, yet we cannot forget that our mission has not changed. Maybe a little of our focus or strategy changes, but our mission remains the same. Patrick "No Compromise With Evil" Wyett returns to Conversations with Jeff to lend his knowledge and understanding of what's going on in our country and what we have to do moving forward as followers of Christ.

The Woke mob that has taken over the Evangelical Elite, such as Russell Moore, Beth Moore, Tim Keller and many more, are attacking Conservative Trump-supporting Christians for voicing our concerns with Election Fraud. They are making the accusation that we are placing Trump above Christ, making an idol out of our political ideology. Is this true? Is our support of President Trump idolatry?


This is an accusation that is hypocritical at best, if not flat-out dishonest. You see, these same leaders that are trying to get Conservatives to disengage with politics are also actively pushing Leftist talking points. It's utter hypocrisy.

Now we get to the big question... can America be saved? While many are focusing their attention on the political sphere first and foremost, as Christians we need to begin with repentance... repentance as a nation, as a community and as individuals. Patrick shared that he's concerned that an impending Civil War would actually probably go in favor of the evil globalists because of how much blood we have on our hands with abortion, as well as simply turning our back against God and His ways. If we want to save our nation, we are going to have to turn back to God's way.

If we can do that, we now have a chance to save our nation. However, any attempt to do so without God's blessing will almost certainly fail. Why did our Founding Fathers win a virtually impossible war against England? Because they had turned to God and were taking a just stand against tyranny, wanting to value God, freedom and liberty. The quest to save our nation starts with our repentance.

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