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Our Evangelical Leaders have sold out to the Left | Alan Atchison

Many Evangelical Christians have been wondering why our Evangelical Leaders have recently made a sharp turn to the Left, driving the Church towards progressive politics, ideology and theology. Leaders such as Albert Mohler, John piper, Russell Moore, Beth Moore and the like have led the charge, blending Globalism and Socialism with Biblical Christianity to create a hybrid version of our faith. This is nothing but pure heresy, preaching a false Gospel and using the church to establish the One World Religion and Government of the anti-christ as predicted in Revelation. Alan Atchison joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to break down this mass compromise among our Evangelical Leaders.

Alan is the Editor-in-Chief of the Capstone Report, reporting on many of the compromisers we've been witnessing within the Southern Baptist Convention and mainstream Evangelical Christianity. One of his recent articles even exposed direct financial ties between George Soros and the SBC & ERLC. This is extremely concerning, as these leaders have been pushing the globalist and anti-Trump talking points coming out of Soros' Open Societies Foundations. The fact that they've taken money from Soros and then promote the false narrative that there was no election fraud does seem to show that there's some sort of collusion, working together to promote particular talking points set by the Globalist agenda.

With so much compromise, the question becomes: What do we do now? For some, it might mean leaving your church. For others, it might mean sticking it out and doing what you can to reform your local church or denomination. Either way, it takes doing something. It's way past time that we can tolerate these false teachers that are misleading the masses. We must confront them head-on, exposing them and their errors for all to see.

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