Open Letter: Dr Albert Mohler, You Appear to be the Worst Kind of Racist | Thomas Littleton

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Open Letter: Dr Albert Mohler, You Appear to be the Worst Kind of Racist



The worst kind of Racist is the person who would play BOTH sides of the race issue. They would play the race card easily and often. The worst kind of racist would, from a place of power and authority, hire minorities in order to use them and fire minorities who do not agree or comply with them. This kind of racist would always be pointing to the faults of others while hiding their own guilt. They would train an army or accusers and race baiters and send them out into the field to point fingers and accuse.  This kind of racist would employ all the fine arts of the social sciences like Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality and psychology to empower themselves and control subordinates while effecting “social change” on race and related “human rights” concerns for possible political and financial gain while promoting themselves to ever deepening realms of power in order to force more of the same. The worst kind of racist mocks real issues of race while never missing the chance to posture themselves to  appear as the messiah with all the answers. And lastly, the worst kind of racist would EVEN use and BASTARDIZE the everlasting Gospel, using Jesus, to further and achieve his /her end. I think from the words , duplicity and actions of Albert Mohler chronicled below most readers will agree that Albert Mohler ,President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for the last 27 years , and current presumed  candidate for the Presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention – appears to be THAT WORST KIND OF RACIST.

As the videos of the slaying of a black man in Georgia by an alleged  neighborhood watch gone murder and the brutal killing of a black man in Minneapolis by police who give all law enforcement a bad name- protest, riots,  looting… racial tensions are running high in America. The George Soro’s funded( a reported $84 million by 2019) Black Lives Matter have moved in to fan the flames again.

Christians in general and Baptist in particular find themselves in the midst of their own “racial crisis” of which you Dr.Albert Mohler have made yourself a central figure. Thus this open letter is addressed to you. We recall you had and may still harbor plans to run for the president of the SBC in the 2020 annual meetings (now canceled by Covid-19) in Orlando. So you have put yourself out there in the realm of denominational politics. Now would be a good time to address reality – your reality -to Southern Baptist. A public sit down and response to the glaring duplicity and confusing messages and actions BY you would be MOST WELCOMED. Baptist DESERVE TO KNOW  where you really stand and who, among the confusing roles you play in SBC life, is the real Albert Mohler.

(Note : This writer has reached out to Dr. Mohler and some of his key disciples /voices like Russell Moore  in the past related to the LGBTQ movement and other educational and troublesome cultural topics on which his and their narratives are getting it desperately wrong. Now these wrong headed approaches to race, homosexuality, human rights, cultural engagement for the church etc. are manifesting themselves and their harmful, crippling effects on the church ability to be the agent of redemption in some of America’s most desperate days since the 60’s. These things have not only developed on Albert Mohler’s watch but now he stands at the crossroads of the crisis he helped create in the church attempting to offer insight and answers to the very problems he and his neo-reformed movement and TGC partners helped to create. Below are simple facts, details, and questions in this open letter which chronicle the problem and display Albert Mohler’s disturbing duplicity in these and related matters.)


Dr. Mohler listening to you in an attempt to understand your position on any important, swirling cultural issue is akin to trying to file papers in a hurricane. It is exhausting to say the least and an exercise in frustration to separate what you say from what you mean and what you do.  Here are some of the problems you have contributed to and now seem to think you can provide answers FOR.


Current energy which lead to push back like the Dallas Statement with concerns over false justice gospel, accusations of White Privilege and that Baptist “worshiping  Jim Crow as Jesus ” came from this little jewel below.

MLK50 Conference

Your own long time disciple Russell Moore and his ERLC, along with The Gospel Colaition led by you and friends from the equally troubles PCA denomination spawned this little race baiting extravaganza. You can’t do this stuff and then not be assigned responsibility for the inability of the church to truly be a redemptive force when it is needed like NOW. Christians cannot presently cut through the flood of Critical Theory and polarizing activist dialog to clearly preach the racially transcending Gospel. Dr. Mohler you are smart of enough to perceive this reality. The church has been as polarized as the culture at large over race by your assembled rhetoric which bears no distention from the racial activism, prejudice and politics of the adrift secular leadership.



In this article I point  out the method you often employ which then prove your duplicity. For example – the SBTS  report aimed at purging SBTS of racism points to historical figures connected to SBTS who were slave owners and racist. One of the WORST of those is former GEORGIA Governor, Senator and later Federal Judge- Joseph Emerson Brown. Brown “saved SBTS “after the war by a large donation for which a theological chair is named. Dr.Mohler you sit on that JEB Chair and do not address that in the report.

How much does occupying that chair pay you in addition to your regular presidents salary and expense account? Why not change it’s name? Why hide the fact you sit on that chair in the report and elsewhere until asked point blank by a student in one of your “ask Me Anything ” events?


Southern Baptist Convention must grapple with its racist legacy, say SBTS leaders at SBC panel

“The panel, which was hosted at the SBC Cooperative Program stage, featured R. Albert Mohler Jr., Kevin Jones, Matthew J. Hall, and Curtis Woods. The panel was moderated by Jarvis J. Williams, associate professor of New Testament interpretation at Southern Seminary.” ( NOTE the Stain Master players are the same SBTS staffers connected to the CRT and accusations of White Privilege,The Resolutions Committee 2019,the  “SBTS Report” and overt accusations of “ongoing Racism in the SBC”.)

I wrote about this ongoing “racial purge “effort  several times after seeing you the CP Stage in Dallas annual meeting. In pats of the panel discussion you seemed dazed and confused and not really up to speed with the “conversation” but still “went along” with it. The MLK/50  ERLC event had just happened weeks before and the controversial Dallas Statement was in the works, according to your friend Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries. The tensions giving birth to Dallas Statement were brewing as you sat on the stage with young men you have trained who are expert in Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other “tools” of Critical Theory for a chat on the book “Removing the Stain of Racism from the SBC.” These men you employ were presented as  New Testament Scholars trained by SBTS.


Only one mention of CRT  was made in that 2018 presentation in CP Stage discussion of  the “Stain Master” book published in 2015. BUT by 2019, at SBC Birmingham (with the perfect racial history backdrop) a year later, one of these same men was serving on the SBC Resolutions Committee which rewrote a Resolution (number 9)  condemning CRT and Intersectionality into a resolution PROMOTING  the use of CRT and Intersectionality as useful tools with the Gospel.


What a street hustle this effort appears to. None of the Resolutions status and topics were not published in final form until the morning  of the vote unlike normal fashion on the afternoon of the day before. Why is it that you and an SBTS operative(s) from the Dallas meetings also serving on the Resolutions committee a year later did not have  a year long discussion of CRT and Intersectionality  leading up to the Resolution 9. Why was it sprung on a largely unsuspecting group of Baptist messengers who were called on to vote on two explosive topics which most did not understand?

How many messengers at SBC 2019 could articulate a definition of CRT and Intersectionality? Not many! I can provide documentation that men in Baptist ministry educated at our seminaries were not able to articulate what these two “Tools ” were. This looks like a Nancy Pelosi Hustle through of problematic legislation and you via your SBTS operatives were part of it.

Anything honest to say in response to this? How long was Resolution 9 in the works? Better yet ,how long have these “tools” been taught and in use at SBTS? Why were they part of the 2015 project book mentioned above which launched your current racism purge?


In this 2017 Founders interview Mark Dever talks about your friendship as young men with your fellow Reformed resurgence friend Tom Ascol. Mark mentions your history and liberal leanings during undergrad here again in my city at Samford University. He explains your seemingly sudden switch to sounding like a classic conservative at the Georgia Index as editor after ,just  a few years earlier your were a troubling young liberal. Friend Mark Dever of 9 MARKS points out that you had altered suddenly in your views and that your “liberal friends felt betrayed and that you had switched sides “, basically to “advance”your career. Mark assures viewers you had truly been “changed”.

Problem is Dr. Mohler that the current issues at SBTS and in the SBC of which you are a part have conservative Baptist now asking the same question in REVERSE. Still some, jokingly and not , contend you are following the direction of the weather vane above SBTS campus and going which ever way the wind blows. Can you please tell us which is the Real Albert Mohler?


Recently a number of  investigative  projects  have uncovered some of the “problems ” with your own racial history, purges at Baptist institutions including SBTS and actions of your long time associates from your inner circle .


My Glimpse of the SBC’s Race Machine

Dr Robert Oscar Lopez is a former professor from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary SWBTS near Dallas TX. He was fired last year by your recently installed leadership from THE inner circle at SBTS who now lead SWBTS. Here is more on his story proving your guys sent to SWBTS conducted NOT a purge of racism but a purge or RACIAL MINORITIES whose positions and convictions were in opposition to yours or with whom you disagreed in some fashion.

The Dr.Lopez Story has many dimensions including the fact Dr.Lopez is a former homosexual saved out of gay culture and stands firmly against you and Russell Moore who both have bowed the knee of SBC leadership to the false assertions of “Sexual Orientation” propagandized by the APA. Dr Lopez Christian testimony does not fit your. Russell Moore/ ERLC/SBTS (where Revoice was spawned ) narrative on human Sexuality.

Your new SWBTS leaders Randy Stinson and Adam Greenway repeatedly threatened, targeted and attempted to silence the Christian witness of Dr.Lopez and exert absolute censorship and editing rights to his writings and interviews. This is despite Lopez Ivy education and credentials and expertise in multiculturalism and Latin culture and ministry history. Apparently Dr.Lopez did not fit your template for SWBTS future. Results at SWBTS is that almost all of the Minority professors were FIRED in several waves of your SBTS trained leaders purge.

None of the issues related to the Lopez and other two dozen plus firings bode well for your own assertions that you are the person actually leading a purge of racism from the SBC and it’s institutions.

The kinds of slanderous accusations and abusive tactics used by Randy Stinson formerly of SBTS and by Adam Greenway in the Lopez case for one -are documented on recordings and the story was picked up by secular education press last year.

Care to respond honestly no circular double talk? these are your guys who did this right? Approve of what they did and how they did it?

(NOTE -The title accuses Dr.Lopez of being ” anti gay ” when in fact his stance is to defend to ability of the church to offer counseling against homosexuality and fixed and unchanging . Lopez and thousands of other Believers have experienced the power of the Gospel to change their desires and are married with children and normal heterosexual lives. Mohler and underlings like Russell Moore in 2014 disowned the power of the Gospel to change homosexual desires and tossed out so called Reparative therapies in favor of the APA false assertions of”unchanging sexual orientation from birth. Mohler led the way on the SBC shift to this false gospel position. Mohler’ “explains” his controversial and horrific position shift in orientation here. )

More press on the Lopez Firing at SWBTS

Ex-gay professor fired from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Dr.Mohler, interestingly Non Disclosure Agreements NDAs have become a hot topic with your leadership style at SBTS and the SBC in general. The 2019 Resolutions Committee chaired by one of your 2018 Dallas panel and SBTS CRT experts was canned in the 2019 Resolutions committee and never saw the light of day. The resolution on whistle blower protections (something the government and corporate worlds  embraced years ago.) and NDAs was written by guess who?  Dr.Robert Oscar Lopez  who your SBTS man Stinson FIRED. HMMM – something really smelly about that Dr. Mohler.


Recently three videos were published interviewing former SBTS Hebrew Professor Russell Fuller who was also FIRED but this time from SBTS along with 3 other professors.

Dr. Fuller was employed by you at SBTs for many years. He was recently among 4 people fired. There are three detailed interviews with Dr.Fuller who is being interviewed by a recent SEBTS graduate Jon Harris. Harris came forward with concerns about the liberalization /social justice, CRT and even James Cone , Black Liberation Theology being taught at SEBTS where your former SBTS VP Danny Akin is now President ( some questions on Danny Akin and his sons later ).

Dr. Mohler ,why was Dr.Fuller fired? Why was he pressed to sign a NDA? Why does SBTS require NDAs? Will you speak to the specifics detailed about CRT and other disturbing issues at SBTS brought forward by Dr.Fuller? What, in your view, is he saying that is not correct and please provide proof that Dr.Fuller is not correct or is not being honest.


Dr Mohler I note that the interviewer Jon Harris has come under attack by SBTS employees like Professor Jim Hamilton and pro CRT and Intersectionality bloggers connected to a group of Apologist from J.D.Greear’s Summit Church . Harris ties to Confederate organizations and pro South / pro states rights writings LIKELY make Harris an easy target for discrediting as representing Alt Right opposition to your upstanding efforts to “rid SBTS and SBC of RACISM. However there are some glaring logs in your own eyes. Especially over the kind of duplicity and operating on both sides of the issue.

Dr.Mohler. How can you “play the race card over and over in the SBC..train a generation of your “race accusers”and “white privilege crisis actors” all the while you are firing minorities and leading the wielding of disgusting use of CRT and tools of the racist trade?


Interesting to note in light of this – that Harris ties to Confederate organizations , something problematic for even many Southerners, is in the open and he openly discusses it- while your own ties to the Joseph Emerson Brown legacy and Theological Chair which you occupy are HIDDEN in your SBTS purge.

So who is being open and honest about where they stand on racial issue? You who hides the JEBrown ties or a young Southern heritage celebrant like Harris?

How can you send your employees out to discredit someone who is open about things you conceal ?

In good faith how can your current employees engage in attacking others while their own fellow professors are being FIRED with particular focus to target minority professors as in the case of Greenway and Stinson who were sent from SBTS to SWBTS to take over that institution?

Dr. Mohler your duplicity is suffocating.

How is it, given all these realities and more, that you think to have any platform from which to speak to any race issue with integrity?


Downgrade at Southern Seminary: Critical Theory & Al Mohler (Part III)

“Dr. Russell Fuller talks about the effect of Jarvis Williams and Matthew Hall’s teachings on students, as well as Al Mohler’s reaction to them”


Dr. Mohler , isn’t it odd that Jarvis Williams and Matt Hall were BOTH part of your 2015 SBTS project to “Remove the Stain of Racism ..” and your 2018 CP Stage production . Note they are both part of the discussion here in part three of three interviews with your recently fired  Dr.Fuller


So Dr.Mohler these second set of videos have nothing to do with Fuller interviews? Right? …Yeah Right.

Dr.Mohler this series of propaganda interviews doing obvious PR for SBTS in response to the Fuller Interviews are shameless, dishonest, and making matters worse- if that is possible. CLEARLY these videos are Shameless PR that interviews the professors exposed in the Fuller interviews BUT does not mention the Fuller exposure nor do the address the facts exposed by Dr. Fuller taking place at SBTS. Do you really think no one will notice?

You are rolling out two minority professors including Williams who is one of your CRT/ Intersectionality advocates from the 2015 “Stain Masters” as if to project your own inclusive culture at SBTS while having conducted a purge of minority professors at SWBTS through your long time SBTS leaders sent to SWBTS.Is this what is happening here?


Southern Seminary

120K subscribers

1- Dr. Jim Hamilton, SBTS Professor of Biblical Theology, sits down for an interview with Dr. Dominick S. Hernández, Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation.

2- Dr. Robert Plummer, SBTS Professor of Biblical Studies, sits down for an interview with Dr. Jonathan T. Pennington, Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation.

3- Dr. Denny Burk, Professor of Biblical Studies at SBTS and Boyce College, sits down for an interview with Dr. Matthew J. Hall, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Administration at SBTS.

4-Dr. Thomas Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and a professor of biblical theology at Southern Seminary, sits down for an interview with Dr. Jarvis Williams, Associate Professor of New Testament interpretation at Southern Seminary.”


Williams was trained at SBTS and was then hired by you to teach there in 2014 .

Williams is a close associate of Curtis Woods, both part of your 2018 CP Stage presentation  on the “Stain of Racism” where CRT was quietly mentioned and accepted into the conversation.  Curtis Woods was on and headed the 2019 Resolutions Committee which altered a Resolution (9) condemning CRT and Intersectionality into an Affirmation of them in the SBC.

Williams does indeed use racist accusations and CRT in his teaching and presentations and unlike his gentle appearance in the SBTS video mentioned above- prefers to point bony fingers at Baptist ,especially young students ,a command them “Dont you dare say you are for racial reconciliation until…” you comply with his wild and random accusations based on CRTs assumptions of “systemic racism “.

See video of Jarvis Williams and Kevin Jones at Oklahoma Baptist University ..CHAPEL…yes this disgusting exercise in CRT accusation was in the Chapel service.

Oklahoma Baptist University SUBSCRIBE

“Dr. Kevin Jones, associate dean of academic innovation and assistant professor of teacher education at Boyce College, and Dr. Jarvis Williams, associate professor of New Testament interpretation at Southern Seminary, delivered the chapel message Wednesday, Feb. 14, at Oklahoma Baptist University. Jones and Williams joined together in a discussion on racial unity and the stain of white supremacy. The service was held in Raley Chapel’s Potter Auditorium on OBU’s campus in Shawnee.”

Which one is the real Jarvis? The nice guy in the SBTS propaganda video interview or the rabidly controlled anger — ranting accuser- pointing fingers at minute 12 in this chapel video in Oklahoma? Javis Williams clearly applies the assumptions of institutional “systemic racism” which CRT asserts. To what end? To guilt the young students in this Baptist school into admitting their racism because they are white. Baptist parents need to stop sending there children to be indoctrinated and accused at SBC institutions of higher education. Pretty simple Dr.Mohler then you will be out of a job.


Dr.Mohler -Jarvis Williams over saw the dissertation of Revoice founder Nate Collins in 2016 at SBTS.

More details here of Revoice and Collins SBTS training


Three SBTS professors mentored Collins work on his dissertation .

Thomas R. Schreiner (Chair)


Jarvis J. Williams


Gregg R. Allison

Jarvis approved and mentored Collins through his pro LGBTQ Christianity dissertation which asserts :

“Virgin” as Secondary Gender Identity in 1 Corinthians 7 and Its Jewish and Greco-Roman Background”

Jarvis Williams approved a dissertation in process and for completion which openly uses Critical ,Gender, Feminine and Queer Theories to make the case for “LGBT+ Thriving in Historic Christian Tradition “. Collins work and book and previous writings at SBTS were overseen by Jarvis Williams and two other SBTS professors . Collins book “All But Invisible” advocating for more higher LGBT+ Christian visibility in conservative Christianity was written while COLLINS was TEACHING NEW TESTAMENT at SBTS .

Dr. Mohler after months of doublespeak by your underlings from SBTS and Boyce like Denny Burk of CBM&W kept telling us to “Wait and see”what Revoice would bring to the conversation on LGBTQ in the church.

This is open ridicule of concerned Baptist over Revoice since your employee Burk (also in these most recent propaganda interviews for SBTS) presented papers WITH Nate Collins and an SBTS team of “scholars” at ETS as far back at 2013 .

Reality is Revoice was launched at SBTS. This was despite its open advocacy in advance for LGBT+ Thriving in the church ( from original Revoice missions statement) and for inclusion of ” LGBTQ and Queer Christians” in the church.(from Revoice first year break out sessions /topics)


Dr. Mohler it is beyond the realm of possibility that you and Jarvis Williams and Thomas R. Schreiner and Denny Burk did not already know what Revoice was to promote in its ideology well in advance of the Revoice July 2018 event in St Louis .Revoice was spawned and incubated at SBTS by one of your CRT/ Intersectionality advocates and operatives.

AFTER the July 2018 event had divided two major congregations with concerns over the movement – you stepped up to condemn Revoice and offer the “final word” on it.

In the August 2nd article you named Collins at least 8-9 times after months of you and your underlings like Burk refusal to name him. BUT alas you never connected Nate Collins to SBTS even though he spent 14 1/2 years there, came “out” as gay in his second year( according to his own social media) ,self identified as gay around campus, obtained a Masters and a Doctorate and taught New Testament at SBTS .Collins father works/worked at SBTS undergrad Boyce College with Burk. Nate Collins write his book and was traveling to St Louis MO the plan Revoice in Fall of 2017 while STILL teaching NT at your SBTS. He wrote his book while working and teaching at SBTS.


Collins departure from SBTS came in late April or May 2018 just as the Revoice event went public. Nothing is known of this parting but it is unlikely to have been problematic circumstances given that the academic record and pursuits which birthed Revoice were done under your watch Dr. Mohler.

Still you deny Collins was at SBTS by failing to admit- omitting that information from the article below.

Dr. Mohler. Revoice proves that not only CRT and Intersectionality are learned at SBTS – so are gender/ feminine / queer theory . Collins and an unknown number of others (to us) , have obtained CHRISTIAN MINISTRY DEGREES in these areas of expertise at your seminary.


Dr.Mohler Care to tell us how many other young men and women trained in Collins area of expertise are out there caring SBTS degrees?

You really cannot hide this Dr.Mohler. Chickens come home to ROOST at Southern and beyond.


Dr. Mohler let’s talk about this interview with Marivn Olasky on Christian Journalism from 2019 which you just retweeted.

The Olasky Interview: Albert MohlerThe Olasky Interview

Albert Mohler is a theologian and president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. On this episode of The Olasky Interview, Marvin Olasky and Albert Mohler discuss WORLD’s approach to Christian journalism. Plus, Mohler fields questions from WORLD staffers.

Episode Website

CRT and Intersectionality explained by secular academia

Dr Mohler, you and Marvin Olasky talk about being “Christian Journalist” and your own history as one. You inform the audience you are on the board of World Magazines publisher. Interesting to know that . Dr. Mohler your on everyone’s Board, especially Christian media outlets.

In this interview from World’s Annual Retreat in late 2019 you mention several interesting facts including that Danny Akin who is President of SEBTS was formerly your VP at SBTS. You talk about the fact his “middle son who was so mischievous as a boy ” was recently appointed to the Billy Graham Center at SBTS.

When we look around the landscape in the SBC we see a lot of this advancement of next generation promotions. You seem proud of it based on your boast of the Akin lineage. There is a word for this kind of “insider trading “. NEPOTISM is not something we should feel comfortable or boastful about in the SBC.

It has really become so obvious it is shameful.


Dr. Mohler you speak with Olasky and the audience about the Dallas Statement condemning the Social Justice movement in the SBC and conservative evangelical churches. You both agree and disagree with it. You assert in the first that “No one knows who these men are”. But then later say you know them but that “they are not major known figures among evangelical leaders. ..except “… Then you name one name which would be friend John MacArthur but his name sounds like it has been deleted.

Questions Dr.Mohler

1.Are you at first saying the Dallas Statement came from unidentified people “we do not know who they are” and then later saying you know them? Is this you caught lying about your knowledge of who is behind the DS? Unlikely but still unclear -since it is implied you were asked to sign it .

2.Are you then saying the DS is unimportant because you and your underlings did not sign it and most of the names are unknown “nobodies ” in the church? That is what this sounds like.

3.Did you target Dr Russell Fuller and others at SBTS for signing the Dallas Statement? Did you threaten people who work at SBTS, as reported, if they signed it?

4. You complain in the Olasky interview mostly about the “Process” of the Dallas Statement saying”This is just not how we do things”. Really? Who is we? You and the people you hold firm controls over and their careers in the SBC?

What is the Process then that you and SBC leaders in your court and on your team use? Is it Dialectic Process, Third Way Process? If there is a problem why not answer it – speak to it- call for prayer on it- repent of it? Why have a “Process” of “how things are done ” or else is there is another problem that becomes the main problem ..non compliance with the “Process”?

All this “Process ” business and NDAs is just kinda trashy . Some minorities might call it “white trash trashy” since it is so loaded with racial duplicity.


Dr. Mohler, Danny Akins other son’s look to be climbing the ladder quickly and strategically places as well.


Dr Mohler -what is this business really all about in Naples ?

Giving Voice to the Accused: Documentary on FBC Naples coming in 2 weeks

A long time SBC pastor steps down to make room for younger blood and then gets booted out of the building and a WOKE SBC  African American from the Executive Committee is brought in for a vote in as Pastor. When he fails to achieve the needed majority vote due to concerns of his ” WOKE ” ideologies and problematic views on homosexuality which echo those of your and Russell Moore ,those who oppose him are accused of being “racist”  and “excommunicated from FBC Naples”


Recent interviews with these “excommunicated” FBC Naples Baptist folks are compelling. First question Dr. Mohler, Since when does the SBC operate like the “Church of Rome” and excommunicate our members in such fashion…and for political wranglings over race?

From the article linked CAPSTONE article mentioned above:

“The trailer is notable for a few interesting details. First, some of the former church members pointed out the connection of the Woke younger pastors with Al Mohler. Mohler is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a candidate for SBC President. We’ve published this map multiple times, but here it is again:”

Dr. Mohler

QUESTION : Was Naples a set up for the SBCs new “Repurposed Credentials Committee to go in and plot search and destroy to further your cause of “Ridding the SBC of the Stain of Racism? – Stain Master/ SBTS guy/ Resolution 9 manipulator and committee chair Curtis Woods gives us strong indication that Naples SBC is just that in his discussion of the “powers” of the “Repurposed Credentials Committee”.

Your “Stain Master” affiliate Curtis Wood description of Committees purpose: “….to field claims against churches in regard to sexual abuse and discrimination based on ethnicity as well as matters such as homosexuality that would call their relationship with the SBC into question.”


“NASHVILLE (BP) — The Southern Baptist Convention Credentials Committee has established an online submission portal for reports of a church’s alleged departure from Southern Baptist polity, doctrine or practice.”

Dr Mohler this is getting really “brown shirty-esk “. Baptist Whistle Blowers hotline ? Really ?


Now we find another one of the Danny Akin boys placed in at FBC Naples as Interim Pastor

Dr. Jonathan Akin

Interim Senior Pastor

Email Jonathan


We find another of the Akin Boys heading Baptist 21 and coordinating with one of the ERLC writers to put out a timely little piece demanding Baptist not read alternative news sources dubbed as “discernment bloggers” and “Critics of the SBC”. This comes out just int time to dovetail with your SBTS deflection interviews of the professors exposed in the Dr. Fuller interviews .

On Critics and the SBC

By Josh Wester

On Critics and the SBC

Baptist 21 just so happens to have another one of Akins sons in place to help with the process of shaming SBC criticism . .. at just the right time

Our Team

“Nathan Akin serves as the Executive Director of Baptist 21 and lives in Wake Forest, NC. Nathan also serves as the Associate Director of the Pillar Church Planting Network.”


In the Olasky interview you say “Christians need journalism to make them think” .But you also boast about the “power you enjoyed as a Baptist editor to decide what gets published.” Tis a fine line between helping people have the information to think through issues and deciding to withhold or control the flow of information or even manipulate it to mislead people. Dr Mohler, where is it that you draw the line.

In the interview you assert that CRT and Intersectionality need to be condemned but then point out how intersectionality is “wonderful” for some.

So where is it that you stand on these “tools” given it was your recent hired hands who promote it and use it and played part in/were the forces behind the resolution altered to affirm it? This does not confuse us.It really just makes Baptist mad that you expect us to let you respond with double speak . You comments on Frankfurt School in the first of the Olasky audience Q and A was a dizzying WORD SALAD tossed and tortured until it would produce a migraine for anyone attempting to discern what was said. Dr. Mohler , it just looks dishonest and shameful.


Dr. Mohler this just looks like coordinated campaign of controlled information and opposition .It also looks like just one more way to deflect Baptist from knowing the truth about what is really going on- especially in these racial skirmishes in the SBC. Can we ever get to The truth with so much baptist leadership monkeyshines and shenanigans going on? How would that EVER be possible unless someone puts  stop to this dog and pony show, calls in the dogs and shuts down the one trick ponies  and gets repentant and honest and open and transparent?


Show humility, repentance and be the first to call out this FALSE DICHOTOMY , especially on race and get back to some real Christian Gospel that transcends race and all other human identity – dump CRT and Intersectionality and truly embrace the proclaiming of “we are all one new man in Christ”. We can boldly preach that real equality begins at the cross – that is the message of the Gospel.

Resolution 9 is just one of many fake posturing efforts to keep the SBC in step with the culture and using the language of bondage called “political correctness”. Jesus is not worried about his church being PC..but calls it to true holiness and to manifest the love for each other that does not “keep records of wrong “. SBC leaders are trying to calculate calibrate and manipulate compliance TO KEEPING RECORDS and showing false contrition for appearances. Enough. You nor SBTS staff, nor NAMB , nor ERLC, nor The SBC Executive Committee are called to play the Holy Spirit to us. As Baptist you recall, we celebrate the Biblical truth that we are all a nation of kings and priest unto God by the Blood of Jesus.

We need you FAR FAR less than you think. Get over yourselves and SERVE the Body of Christ.

Lets get the SBC out of “Community Development ” and Faith Based Partnerships, and Immigration Reform, Prison Reform, dirty Money ,Offshore operators like the Kern Family Foundation.( NOTE : these areas are where diversity and inclusion rhetoric and helping aid social change in the church pays HUGE profits. Grants and government funding abound for these efforts and those who promote them to the church and recruit church and Christian “buy -in” to ideologies like Community Development as “Outreach”. Note Greear;s Summit Church staffer chosen for the 2019 Resolutions Committee. “Tremayne Manson, associate pastor for community development and outreach, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, N.C.”

Lets purge the CORRUPTION not attack the straw man of racial politics. Lets take the SBC far away from the Social Sciences and the legal fictions of CRT and Critical theories and viewing humanity through the lens of diversity and inclusion and see that we all stand in the same need ..the need of a Savior. No more social change agents among us. Only preachers and teachers of the Word . No more crafted ,mingled and corrupted Neo- Calvinist /TGC/ hogwash in the name of curriculum and church planting .We need to be reminded that “unless the Lord builds the house they are laboring in vain who build it.”

The foundations are going to shake and everything with it that can be shaken will FALL INTO THE ASH HEAP.

Dr.Mohler your life’s work is tainted and corrupted. You are being weighed in the balance and found wanting . Repent and do the first works over again and strengthen those things that remain that are ready to die. SBTS is ready to die and so is the SBC. The opportunity to repent and alter course is a rapidly closing window . The exodus began some time ago. We are not 15 million strong but about a third of that who actually attend on any given Sunday. Covid -19 has taken that number to ZERO. How quickly our cracked foundation is crumbling and yet the biggest concern seems to be about the funding and complying with the laws of man while ignoring the commands of God.

Some have said “Hell is burning while the church sleeps”. The nation from Georgia to Minneapolis to even Louisville last night …is burning with anger and the seeds of racial division…seeds you have helped plant and water and grow in the SBC and SBTS.

Dr.Mohler the nation is burning while the SBC is divided and in a stupor from your own duplicity.

Dr.Mohler only the Dead Dog has no hope. We are praying you to find your way back to the CROSS.


Dr. Mohler, Can we really reach or establish any meaningful conclusion as long as you do not come clean with fellow Southern baptist and Evangelicals or as long as you are not willing to drop the duplicity, the posturing, and endless propaganda campaigns and dialectic monologues?

We know all too well most of the guys at the core of this discussion and issues are people you have trained and hired and promoted. Baptist do not breath such rarefied air that we can no longer discern our right hand from our left culturally or theologically nor are we standing in need of you, or an underling who you trained, to tell us how wrong we are – how we are alienating the culture with our conservative Biblical Values.

We do not need more SBTS trained pastors to divide and split our churches or plant on top of aging congregants hard labors in the faith and call it revitalization. We do not need more bony fingers of of your disciples- many of whom have little or no experience in ministry outside SBTS or another affiliates “hallowed halls” of heady theory training, pointing at us in accusations of critical theory rhetoric.

We have had enough of it. As you said in your Olasky interview about the days leading up to the SBTS liberals purge after the conservative resurgence ..”Baptist were getting tired of it…they had had enough”. Dr. Mohler We are tired of it .We have had enough of your duplicity and doublespeak, political posturing and “Briefings”.

Just come clean on where you really stand. Did you train and then employ Russell Moore for over 25 years and then push his ascent into the ERLC which co-sponsored MLK/50 in the Spring/April of 2018? Did you bring professors into SBTS and the SBC who were/are promoting CRT and Intersectionality as “useful tools with the Gospel”? Of course you were because it was men you employ like Curtis Woods in the Resolutions Committee who altered the Resolution 9 from a condemnation of them into an affirmation. Get off it Dr.Mohler . It was you who gave us the Stain Masters and sat in interviews in Dallas with and Jarvis Williams. The biggest problem with RACE in the SBC right now is you and your “leadership” …offering confused, mingled, compromised doublespeak in the name of leadership.

Come clean and speak honestly. Pick a side soon. And stop dabbling in the mire of your own rhetoric or just retire and go away.

Always welcome your willingness to have a real conversation in a public forum.

Meanwhile consider these simple words of Jesus than need no interpretation :

Matthew 12:33-37

A Tree Known by Its Fruit

33 “Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or else make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for a tree is known by its fruit. 34 Brood[a] of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. 35 A good man out of the good treasure [b]of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things. 36 But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. 37 For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

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