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Oh, you are one of those Christians

In the mid 1980's when discussing Christianity with school friends they would quickly turn the conversation toward the sociopathic cult killer, Jim Jones.

After 1987 when I tried to share my faith in Jesus with lost friends or strangers they would routinely respond, "Oh, you are one of those 'Jim Baker Christians'."

After 1991, when I tried to share my faith in Jesus with lost friends or strangers they routinely responded, "Oh, you are one of those 'Jimmy Swaggart Christians'."

After 2015, when I have tried to share my faith with strangers they have responded, "Oh, you are one of those Donald Trump Christians'."

After 2021, when I attempt to share my faith I now anticipate hearing, "Oh, you are one of those Ravi Zacharius Christians'."

In every case I have essentially responded the same way; "Actually, my name is not Jim, Jim, Jimmy, Donald [or Ravi]. My name is Cary Gordon."

What counterfeit will you use as an excuse to continue on the path toward eternal Hell?

What excuses are you using to reject Christ's church in exchange for a haughty neo-gnosticism?

My name is Cary.

What is YOUR name?

What is GOD'S name?

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