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OathKeeper Stewart Rhodes’ Past Interviews Bring Light to Current Testimony

The entire left wants you to believe that you should not question or challenge the authority of those that have taken political leadership. They hate the U.S. Constitution.

Through the eyes of a Marxist it is anathema. No man should have free will. He must be dependent and thankful for what he is allowed to receive from the table of those who sit at the table not for his reach.

In 2020 it the world was made to witness and experience the hand of authority - the purpose of the Fabian Window. The hammer was laid down to finally mold it close to the heart's desire - the desire of the elite.

America was the beacon of freedom and liberty which was groomed for her coming discipline and her body was willing to take it. America allowed it and took the beating from her arranged marriage.

Yet, still there were members that cried out because they were aware and still stood firmly upon the principles from which she was born. Those began to fight back properly - to awaken the other members from slumber and to activate the muscle memory which suffered atrophy.

However, the control which was perceived to have been taken would not so easily relinquish itself. This was shown by the Nancy Pelosi January 6th Committee formation and the subsequent arrests of those who were at a freedom rally for the sitting president.

False charges were made - among some which perhaps are deserving. One such group of people meant to be affected were the militia and organizations like the Oath Keepers would be the center of attention for public example.

The enemy of the new state is the people and those that form to defend them are to be chastened. That is another reason the Truckers for Freedom Convoy is extremely important in this time as they peacefully assemble and hold the line against tyrannical measures of their government at the Canadian border.

This is the line drawn and the people must hold it.

On this Battlefront: Frontline Dustin discusses the statements of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes before the January 6th Committee and how they match past interviews on Battlefront: SouthGate in 2020. What is going on here and how does it show what the purpose is for these people detained?

Also discussed is the Trucker Convoy and blockade at the Canadian border regarding mandates and lockdowns. What does this set an example for abroad and what are those in power seeking to do to them? Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Dr. Mark Sherwood joins Hope, Health & Freedom discussing national security and the lacking conservatism in his state.


Battlefront: SouthGate | Stewart Rhodes | Oaths Not Upheld

Battlefront: SouthGate | Stewart Rhodes | The Streets of Lawlessness

Publicity Stunt: January 6 Lawyer Says 'Fantasy' Charges Against Rhodes Meant to Stop His Promised J6 Testimony

BREAKING: Stewart Rhodes Chokes Back Tears At 1/6 Committee, Pleads 5th To Partisan Questions

Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open

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