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New GKers!

I’ve got some exciting news… The GK is growing!

But first, I wanted to thank each and every one of you who reads our articles and listens to our podcasts. It’s truly appreciated. I know that right now we are still small fish, but every single month we are growing, getting more traffic to the website and having more people listen to our podcasts. I’ve got several fun ideas that will be implemented in the future, but my first idea that I’ve been working on is growing The GK into a quality Podcast Network.

The goal is to be a voice, both within and outside of the church. Not everyone agrees on everything, but we all are united in our faith in Jesus Christ and our goal of glorifying Him and promoting the truth, with God's Word as our Source of that truth. And the important part is that we understand that the Bible is our source for truth, so that is our starting point and reference point in framing our worldview. With that said, this is not a site dedicated to strictly theology, as most other Christian sites are. We may tackle politics, society, entertainment, church life and theology… but throughout it all we are going to have rational discussions and debates over the issues we are facing today.

Today, I’m happy to announce two new additions to The GK!

I'm super excited to announce a brand new podcast on the GK Podcast Network! The Shining Light Podcast is a podcast hosted by Sam Jones and Patrick “NoCompromiseWithEvil” Wyett. They do an amazing job covering many of the issues our church and country are facing. Additionally, they’ve had some great guests, including Thomas Littleton, Paige Rogers, Brannon Howse and Stephen Black.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to their podcasts. Sam and Patrick have very entertaining conversations and make some of the complicated topics that they cover simple to understand.

I recently had Sam on my podcast Conversations with Jeff, and we had a great conversation that you can watch below.

I'm also excited to announce that we are bringing on a new contributor to write articles for The GK! Paige Rogers is a journalist who is a contributor at the NOQ Report. One of the things that’s impressed me about Paige is her willingness to follow the truth where it leads and to tackle difficult topics that others just aren’t covering. If you look at each of her articles, they are extremely well-sourced and documented. Recently, her article covering John MacArthur’s account of the night Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated was released after months of research. No matter what your conclusion was after reading that article, it should show you that her goal is the truth given the fact that she cites her sources, allowing the facts to speak for themselves.

I’m pumped to have Paige join The GK. I know that she has some great articles in the works coming up, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see what she’s got planned!

I recently had Paige on my podcast. You can watch that below.

I’m thankful for each and every one of you who have supported both me and the rest of the GKers. I’ve got some big plans coming down the road, but it’s baby steps to get there to make sure that everything is implemented correctly. Right now, we are just looking to create good content, both in our articles and in our podcasts. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel or any of our podcast streaming services (iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify).



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