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Nature Abhors a Vacuum | Pastor Sam Jones

Our nation was built upon the backs of God fearing Christian men who held themselves to a high moral standard. The thought that the person in charge of this nation can not be of this world or any mere mortal man. Rather this nation must be held accountable to a higher being, and when a person rises to power, they are then reminded that there is someone much more powerful than the person in the White House that will hold them accountable.

The constitution was compiled of philosophers from the enlightenment era for much of its founding, authors such as John Locke quoted and cited scripture more than any other book. The constitution itself revolved around scripture as its underlying foundations as well as it’s moral center. When you remove God from the nation, you create a vacuum, and a vacuum must be filled. When you remove God, the religion of self takes over, and people begin serving there self interests without fear of consequence, because without a God that holds you accountable, you become invincible, while the people of a nation suffer.

Without everyone rallying around one simple and solid principle the nation devolves into differentiating tribes who fight and bicker over self interests instead of holding themselves to a solid goal. Christianity is the root of this nation, and without it, we will fall, we bring on Sam Jones to discuss this terrible destruction that faces our nation.

Federalist Paper #2 Brings on the importance of coming together as a nation to face security risks from preying invaders, as well as relying on one another to keep our nation from getting involved over petty wars and disagreements. We have a people that stood up to tyrants and took charge for the individual across the 13 colonies, it only makes sense that the colonies rally together to face whatever else this world may have to offer.

President Biden pushes through more executive orders than any other president in such a short manner of time, but can we as The People of this country do anything about it if we fail to recognize him as the President? Whether you agree if there was election fraud or not, the fact of the matter is that President Biden holds the office of president. We as conservatives must come to face this reality, no matter how disgusting it is, so that we can come up with a game plan on how to fight back.

If we live within an imaginary world of make believe and if “Biden is not your president” then what do you possibly have to worry about? If Biden isn’t your president then none of these executive orders matter, and nothing he pushes through legislature will ever affect your life, so there is no point in doing a thing. But when you come to terms with reality, you can make a plan, organize together and fight back. Now more than ever we need to come to terms with the state of this great nation and fight with everything we got to keep it from dissolving into the depths of socialism. This is the Federalist Faction.

To watch this episode of The Federalist Faction on Rumble, click here.

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