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My two cents on Trump or Biden

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After the first round of presidential and vice presidential debates, Bobby Lopez shares his view on President Trump and Vice President Biden and which version of America he wants to live in.

While Bobby has been a pretty vocal supporter of much of President Donald Trump's platform, he's also had reservations about whether he's actually going to vote for him during this upcoming presidential election. However, after watching the debates and seeing each candidates state platform, Bobby explains why he's going to be voting for President Donald Trump.

The Democrats and Republicans are offering two very different Americas. The Dems version seems to be full of victimhood, entitlements, racial division and intersectionality. The Republicans, under the leaders of Trump, are offering freedom and liberty for everyone, no matter what color, gender or religion you are. Pre-Trump, the Republicans had a very difficult time with outreach to many of the intersectional communities and had a stigma of just being rich white men running the country. Under the leadership of Donald Trump, we've seen the Republican Party expand their base as people realize that they would rather have opportunity as opposed to oppression.

Many don't like President Trump because of his personality. And that's fine. However, when voting for president, we need to look at what the results will be. Look at Joe Biden's America. Is that the version of this country you want to live in? And then ask the same about Donald Trump's America. That's what this election needs to be about.


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