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Michelle Obama's Empathy Speech: Fake Fake Fake! | The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez #12

Michelle Obama's speech on empathy points to how fake the left has become. The left has ZERO empathy. Dr Bobby Lopez breaks it all down during this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly.

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Last night was the kickoff for the Democrat Party's National Convention, featuring several talks from prominent leaders within the Democrat Party. One of those short speeches was from former First Lady, Michelle Obama. While many conservative news sources are reporting on her glaring false statements, including the fact that she blamed President Trump for putting children in cages (despite the fact that this was actually a policy created by the Obama administration and the photos being shared are from during his presidency), Bobby Lopez had a unique takeaway.

Michelle Obama took on a motherly role, focusing on how we need empathy from our leaders. The implication was that only the Democrats are empathetic, providing the claimed contrast between a Joe Biden candidacy and a President Donald Trump's administration. This could not be further from the truth!

During this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly, Bobby Lopez explains that the Left and their ideology has ZERO empathy. This just goes to show how fake and dishonest the Leftist Leaders, which include Michelle Obama, truly are.


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