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Lying, cheating & stealing is going on both in the political and the Southern Baptist realm

A new episode of The Big Brown Gadfly w/ Bobby Lopez talking to Alan Atchison, EIC of Capstone Report, about the 2020 election controversies & what it tells us about the Southern Baptist Convention. The common denominator is that the visible leaders from both the political and the Evangelical world are filled with lies, cheating and stealing.

Capstone Report has been a leader in exposing the the Evangelical Deep State especially within the Southern Baptist Convention. Even within the largest denomination in America, we are seeing utter corruption from the leadership. What's been interesting is seeing the parallels between the Deep state in both Washington DC and in the SBC. Selling out for fame, fortune and power seems to be the motivation for all parties involved, and this has led to Leftist ideologies being embraced in supposed Conservative Christian circles. We are even seeing a consistent condemnation of conservative politics and support of President Donald Trump.

This is a vitally important episode of The Big Brown Gadfly, really exposing the lies and corruption from the visible leadership. If we are going to fix the problem, we have to understand what's going on. However, once we know what's going on, we have to take it upon ourselves to actually do something about it. It's time to take back our country... and to do that we must take back the church!

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