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Liberty U is being taken over, just as predicted! | Guest Jeff Dornik | The Big Brown Gadfly

Jeff Dornik joins Bobby Lopez in this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly to break down the latest developments in the Jerry Falwell Jr scandal. The primary concern discussed the Leftist takeover happening at Liberty University.

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The Left has been wanting to get rid of Jerry Falwell Jr for quite a while, hoping to replace him with a more woke President of Liberty University. Bobby Lopez and Jeff Dornik have been sounding the alarm over this coup attempt, and everything that has been predicted is coming to fruition. While no one is defending any actions on the part of Jerry Falwell Jr, one of the primary concerns that we've seen as of late is how easily conservative Christians will devour our own, even without all of the information relating to a particular story.

In this instance, we are seeing the accusations being made against Jerry Falwell Jr and his wife coming from a man who had been extorting them for money. So, while his account may fit your preconceived narrative of Falwell, we should always wait for the truth to come out. However, we should also make sure that we are not losing the war by winning the battle. If Liberty University goes down, that's yet another large institution falling to the Woke Left, all while America needs to regain its education system and conservative institutions if we are going to turn things around.


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