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Leftism is worse than racism

The current debate about riots and public safety hinge on a massive misunderstanding. Many people in the public have elevated racism to an evil status akin to “witchcraft” in the minds of seventeenth-century Salem or “treason against the emperor” in ancient Rome. Because racism has been viewed as a supernatural evil, people have given priority to fighting it, even when anti-racist leaders organize their movements around ideologies whose lethal consequences have long been documented.

Rarely in American history has so straightforward a comparison presented itself. To get through our current societal impasse, we have to decide whether racism or leftism is worse. This is our inevitable choice to make, because the anti-racist organizers have embraced leftist ideologies — Marxism, Freudian sexual subversion, feminism, and nihilist radicalism — as their operational weapons against racism. These anti-racist movements have literally forced themselves into all our daily routines by stopping traffic, waging mayhem in our neighborhoods, threatening us with job and reputation loss unless we express total agreement with them, and doing other things that amount to holding us hostage until we concede to them everything they demand. (This is hard, since no clear list of demands seems yet to exist, so basically we are stuck trying to second-guess what the agitators want.) Even if we hated racism (as I certainly do) and wanted to fight racism without having to deal with the likes of Antifa and other far-left groups, they have forced us to decide whether we support their antiracist effort. So have to pick one of two courses of action: either we go along with their leftist project because we think racism is so bad that their leftist tactics are worth tolerating to pursue a less racist society, or we reject the largest and most prominent antiracist movement today because we do not want to live in the leftist world they seek to create.

So it’s a clear-cut choice. Which is worse? Or at least, which do we detest more? Racism or leftism?

Consider this video, one of hundreds of thousands currently buzzing on Twitter:

We have anti-racist activists (of all races!) deciding to block freeways like this one, in order to protest racism. If I had any say in the matter, I would persuade these activists to choose more effective and less absurd means of resisting racism then blocking an urban freeway and provoking a police response. I have no say in the matter. They have decided what they’re going to do and that’s that.

So here we have everything I can’t stand about leftism — constant rage, yelling and screaming, endangerment of other people, annoying mind games of reverse psychology and gaslighting, constant accusation, weaponization of humiliation or social stigma, unending stress, dysfunctionality — all in one little clip. This is even without the even more abundant images of these anti-racist activists setting fires to stores and downtown buildings and then trying to blame Trump for violence, never mind the shootings of people in gangland retaliation for holding contrary political beliefs.

As I look at this, I have to choose. Do I throw my support to these anti-racist activists because I agree with the general idea that racism is wrong and harmful? Or do I join forces who oppose these anti-racist activists because I agree with them that their leftism is toxic?

I have to side with the anti-leftists, even if some of them may have some problematic attitudes about race, because I fear the left more than I fear racism. Here’s why:

  1. The left is enormous; blatant racists are by now few in number.

  2. The left is openly aggressive and unapologetic; the racists I’ve known are almost ashamed of feeling racist and try to be as unobtrusive to others as possible.

  3. The left is seeking to destroy everything, the entire social structure of society. The racists I’ve known like society and respect humanity, but seem to have carved out some exceptions in their mind, showing certain races a little less respect than they show to human beings as a whole. While I object to people having racist beliefs, I can at least find some common ground with them by avoiding racial issues and focusing instead on the things we share: a love for American institutions, my faith, Western freedoms, capitalist prosperity, and the like.

  4. The left is perpetually hunting for people to destroy. Racists, from what I can tell, do not go around looking for minorities to embattle. Racists usually just want to be left alone and stick to the races they like. Again, I don’t like the fact that racists behave that way, but they pose less of a threat to me than leftists do.

  5. Speaking of #4, leftists have a history of destroying my career, dividing my family, inflicting 24-hour stress on me with their smear campaigns, and threatening me with violence. Racists get condescending and don’t give me some opportunities that I deserve; I can object to racial discrimination but it doesn’t render all my lived experience intolerable.

  6. Leftists have a real chance to obtain full power over society and we’ve seen how they dispense with their power. We have the examples of the Soviet Union, Cuba, China, and other Communist countries. We also have the example of insane radical groups from the 1960s and 1970s, like the Manson Family, the Symbionese Liberation Army, Jonestown, and Society to Cut Up Men. When leftists gain power, they abuse power and create mass death and general misery. Racists have no chance of gaining full power over society right now.

  7. Leftists have a general contempt for humanity and have historically been callous to massive numbers of people dying as their causes’ collateral damages. The Soviets and Maoists accepted tens of millions of people dying as an acceptable sacrifice for their cause. Feminists feel that 100 million babies aborted is a small price to pay for their chance to get more women into middle management. Racists have a specific group they don’t like. They’ve been guilty of genocides that inflicted untold horrors on the world. But leftists’ contempt for all human life scares me more. The Nazis had a contempt for all human life, which was why they could colonize a white country like France and send blond German boys to their death in pointless battles at Stalingrad and St. Petersburg. The only racists I’ve met in the United States tend to be people who love humanity but just find one particular race troublesome–and it’s not always anti-black racism I’m talking about. I’ve met people who love Blacks but hate Jews. I’ve met people who love Blacks but hate Latinos.

  8. Leftists hold a thoroughly irrational and dangerously delusional perception of reality. They believe that certain things like massive wealth redistribution or collective reeducation are not only possible, but urgent to carry out, along with radical green-energy schemes and dystopian gender fluidity models. Taken as a whole, they are working toward a future that would destroy humanity. Racists give too much stock to stereotypes, but sometimes they accurately perceive cultural and social differences between their own race and other races, and they simply favor their own. The thoroughness and extremism of leftist delusions frighten me a heck of a lot more than people who believe a few stereotypes.

  9. Leftists are organized and well funded. Racists are not.

  10. Leftists are insufferable as individuals. I can carve out some exceptions, since I have lefty friends with whom I avoid discussing politics. But leftists tend to politicize everything they do, or at least they do so more than any other political camp. And when they are acting from their political ideals, they are impossible to engage in a conversation. Everything is snark, immature brinksmanship, and lots of name-calling. Racists usually don’t act on their racial attitudes all day long. Racism typically pops up, almost as a surprise, based on specific situations or episodes that people can talk through like reasonable folk.

I hate racism and want it to end. I have done a lot of work to combat it in my own life.

But I abominate leftism and the people who want to inflict it on society, because I honestly believe leftists will destroy our nation as we know it and cause millions of people to die. I can live in a society like today’s United States with its levels of racism. I could not survive a day in a United States controlled by leftists.

So what do I do when I see screaming anti-racist radicals blocking a freeway and getting up in a cop’s face?

I say, “arrest her.”

This article was originally published at and is reposted with permission from the author, Bobby Lopez.


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