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Latinos and Democrats: A Love Affair Gone Wrong

This episode of The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez takes a look at the why the Latino community seems to be breaking away from the Democrat Party in favor of President Trump. How could this happen, especially after the mainstream narrative is that Donald Trump is racist and bigoted agains minorities? Bobby Lopez explains...

As Mark Twain tells us, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. I don’t know what to make of polls right now. Like most of the mainstream polls forecasting a Biden landslide, many polls are claiming that Trump has turned off Latinos with his border wall rhetoric and will lose major states like Texas as a result.

But I see signs everywhere that the polls may be misreading Latinos. Against all the odds, there a large segment of the Latino population likes the man who’s been packaged as a rich bigot who despises them and wants them to die. While many Latinos did support Trump in 2016, four years later we see caravans and salsa parties in his name. And there’s a noticeable trend among Latino men to proclaim an excitement about Trump. Latina woman, perhaps less enthusiastic about him, have been seen coming out and cheering for Trump.

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