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Judge Jeanine sounds off: Reveals how to stop Democrats from releasing violent criminals from prison

During her show over the weekend, Judge Jeanine Pirro reacted to the Waukesha massacre that claimed the lives of six people after Darrell Brooks Jr. plowed through a Christmas parade in the Wisconsin town in a red SUV.

Pirro used this as a prime example of why voters need to prioritize keeping our communities safe by electing Republicans over Democrats who prioritize violent criminals over the American people.

“We don’t know what motivated Darrell Brooks, the assassin who tore through the lives of multiple families, killing six and injuring 60 more, nor do I care to know his motive,” Pirro said on the Fox News show. “What I care about is that Thanksgiving didn’t happen for these families, nor the Christmas holiday these folks began to celebrate on that day. An innocent parade, violently interrupted by an evil force, unleashed on the streets of Waukesha, Wisconsin. It didn’t need to happen.”

“Tonight, I ask why, not just as a prosecutor, but as a mom, because Americans deserve to be able to go to parades, and tree lightings, and malls, without the threat of a career criminal killing them,” she added. “Why? Why are people like Darrell Brooks, a life-long felon, a career criminal, a convicted sex offender, with multiple felonies, multiple firearm and assault convictions, a serial domestic-violence abuser who had an active warrant for bail jumping, who then ran over his girlfriend with his car and was granted $1,000 bail? Why are these people allowed to continue to act out their lives of violent crime like Brooks did last Sunday? Why?”

Pirro proceeded to lay out exactly why this is happening.

Read the full article on Col Rob Maness' site.

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