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Judge Bans TCAPP and Pastor Ken Peters From Holding Church Services Outside of Planned Parenthood

Pastor Ken Peters, who is the host of Patriot Squad right here on The GateKeepers Podcast Network, has been banned by a judge from holding church services outside of their local Planned Parenthood in Spokane, Washington.

Planned Parenthood has been doing everything that they possibly can to stop Ken and The Church at Planned Parenthood from preaching, praying and singing worship songs outside of their baby murder mill.

The abortion organization has been suing Ken and TCAPP to get them to stop holding their services... clearly this is evidence that worship is a valid and effective weapon to use in this battle to save the lives of living human babies.

The judge in the case stated that, "Reasonable minds can only reach one conclusion, that Covenant Church intends to interfere with access to or safe and effective delivery of health care services provided by" the local baby murder mill, otherwise known as Planned Parenthood.

In response, Pastor Ken Peters wrote on Facebook:

Anyone who knows what we do at TCAPP knows that this is a total lie from the leftist world we now live in:

In his ruling, Judge Fennessy wrote that “reasonable minds can only reach one conclusion, that Covenant Church intends to interfere with access to or safe and effective delivery of health care services provided by” Planned Parenthood.

We won’t be stopping our worship until they stop murdering humans for money.

It's clear that we live in a world that promotes everything that is anti-God and anti-Christian. This is yet another example of our own government refusing to enforce the Constitutional Right of the unborn to life.

Abortion is not healthcare. To say that singing songs is thwarting a healthcare agency from caring for patients is a patent lie.

As Christians, we must take up the line from our Founding Fathers: No King but King Jesus!

We do not submit to illegal, tyrannical and immoral laws. The fight to save every life from being slaughtered is a must for the Christian Church.

I highly encourage you to support Pastor Ken Peters and The Church at Planned Parenthood. As they say on their website:

The Church at Planned Parenthood is NOT a protest. It’s a worship service at the gates of Hell. The Church at Planned Parenthood is a gathering of Christians for the worship of God and the corporate prayer for repentance for this nation, repentance for the apathetic church and repentance of our blood guiltiness in this abortion holocaust.

For more information on The Church at Planned Parenthood, please visit their website:

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