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Josh Buice & G3 advertise live interview w/ John MacArthur... but it was all a ploy!

G3 Ministries is headed by Dr. Josh Buice. G3 stands for “gospel, grace, and glory.” Here’s its history.

History From the very beginning, G3 had a goal of helping local churches. One of the ways we determined to do this was to invest in pastors. Dr. Josh Buice had a vision to start a theology conference that would focus on God’s Word as opposed to the pragmatism and techniques that are so often the focus of evangelical conferences. In 2013, our first G3 Conference was held in Douglasville, Georgia on the campus of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church—the church where Dr. Josh Buice serves as pastor. The G3 has grown into one of the largest evangelical conferences in the United States. G3 stands for gospel, grace, and glory. The G3 Conference as an annual event grew from 750 people to 5,600 from 2013 to 2020. Since then, we have transitioned into a 501(c)(3) organization under the name G3 Ministries. Our purpose is to educate, encourage, and equip local churches with sound biblical theology for the glory of God. Today, we offer local churches more than a yearly event. We provide resources in form of online articles, podcasts, expository preaching workshops, and we’re excited to be in production mode for new local church based curriculum for Sunday school and small groups. While we will still be offering events such as our large national conference, regional conferences, study cruises, and church history tours—we are very excited about offering resources to local churches and individual Christians. This is just a little about our history with a look to our future.

The national G3 Conference is later this year in Atlanta. Its theme, “Christ Is Supreme Over All.” Here are the speakers.

  • Steve Lawson

  • Voddie Baucham

  • Paul Washer

  • Anthony Mathenia

  • Josh Buice

  • John MacArthur

  • Hensworth Jonas

  • Mike Riccardi

  • Justin Peters

  • Joel Beeke

  • Phil Johnson

  • Nathan Busenitz

  • James White

  • Bob Kauflin

  • Devon Kauflin

These men are staunch defenders and unabashed promoters of John MacArthur. It includes Bob Kauflin and his son Devon. They will lead worship for the event.

Bob was a dear friend. We planted a church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He served as my associate and led worship. Then we sent him out to be with C.J. Mahaney in Gaithersburg, Maryland to head up Sovereign Grace Music. Bob has been at the center of the corruption surrounding Mahaney and the child sexual abuse coverup in Sovereign Grace Churches.

Together for the Gospel severed ties with Kauflin in 2020, the same year they severed ties with Mahaney and John MacArthur. I can’t believe Bob is identifying with MacArthur now. So many doors have closed to Sovereign Grace since their adamant refusal to do an independent investigation of the widespread abuse in their churches. They’re desperate to accept invitations for the revenue that results from music sales. Bob is also leading worship at the MacArthur’s Shepherds’ Conference in March. It breaks my heart.

“Where Does Bob Kauflin Fit Into All the Things You Write About?” Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 5:45PM

Together for the Gospel Severs All Ties With C.J. Mahaney, Bob Kauflin & Sovereign Grace Churches & Also With John MacArthur Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 10:15AM

Let me also draw attention to two other speakers. First, Voddie Baucham. You can read this article about him.

Will Voddie Baucham Answer My Questions & Call John MacArthur & Phil Johnson to Repentance for Their Audacious Lying & Bullying or Cover Up with Silence?

Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 11:02AM

Second, Steve Lawson. He preached at MacArthur’s Grace Community Church on January 3. Here is what he said about MacArthur in his introduction. I consider these remarks idolatrous praise disconnected to reality. Lawson may replace MacArthur upon his death or retirement due to health.

“Well what a glorious Sunday morning this is at Grace Community Church and what a great worship service. This has been, and as I step into this pulpit, the Bible says to give honor to whom honor is due. And the Bible says to esteem your leaders. And I just want to say I love John MacArthur [applause]. You have the greatest pastor on planet earth [applause]. And not only is he your pastor but he has been so uniquely been raised up by God in this hour of church history that he really is America’s pastor. And he is the leading voice of evangelicalism. He is the last man standing. God always has the next generation and they are out there somewhere standing in the shadows but right now there is one strong man who is an Atlas. Who is upholding the faith once and for all delivered to the saints? And that is the man who stands in this pulpit. May God bless him, may God strengthen him, may God hold him up, may God give him another hundred years [applause]. He is going to outlive all of us.” (mins. 32:28-34:32)

A couple comments are necessary though more could be made.

First, “America’s pastor” has divided churches throughout the country over Covid-19. Local pastors trying to lead their churches in wisdom have been undermined by MacArthur’s incendiary rhetoric, defiant actions, and faulty information about the virus. This has resulted in members leaving godly churches if pastors asked them to social distance or wear masks out of love for neighbor and respect for authority.

Second, John MacArthur cannot be trusted. He has a long history of lying about his role in the civil rights movement and accomplishments in sports. He has also cover-up sexual assault and rape. In addition, he has created an abusive leadership culture in the church, university, seminary and media ministry. These are documented realities. See my blog and search “MacArthur” or read here for starters.

Lawson is wrong. He is not “the greatest pastor on planet earth,” “the leading voice of evangelicalism,” “the last man standing,” or the “one strong man who is an Atlas.” Those kind of superlatives belong to JesusChrist.

MacArthur was scheduled to preach on December 27 and January 3 according to the church bulletins but was unable. Pastor Austin Duncan told the church he stayed home to rest the first Sunday. The following Sunday, pastor Tom Patton told the church he stayed home to rest and prepare for the upcoming Shepherds’ Conference. Nothing was said about any illness. He missed a third Sunday on January 10 but there was no explanation for his absence. He finally preached on January 17 but looked weak and sounded ill.

Understandably, many people assumed he was sick and the elders at Grace Community Church did not deny it or address it. That is poor leadership. Nor did they ask for prayer on his behalf.

Remember, an ordinary church member would be corrected for skipping church three Sundays in a row because they were tired and needed to work on the Lord’s Day. Not true with John MacArthur. He freely skips church when he does not preach. Everyone else needs “indoor worship” with God’s people. The church is essential!

Brent Detwiler @BrentDetwiler So MacArthur can forsake the means of grace for 2nd Sun that uniquely comes from gathering in person to “get more time to rest & prepare for Shepherd’s Conf.” (8½ wks. away). Does he only show when he preaches? Gets to skip church to rest? Then works at home on Lord’s Day?
Modern Day Zorro: Worst Week Ever, Prove Me Wrong @ModernDayZorro January 3, 2021 AM Service Grace Community Church Tom Patton says, “This gives our pastor a little bit more time to rest and prepare for Shepherd’s Conference. I know that seems kind of early. But Shepherd’s Conference is right around the corner.” 3:11 PM · Jan 3, 2021
Brent Detwiler @BrentDetwiler Replying to @BrentDetwiler MacArthur was scheduled to preach on Dec 23. Abruptly canceled for “rest.” Then scheduled to preach today (Jan 3). Abruptly cancelled for “rest” & “to prepare.” No mention of sickness. I don’t believe them & why he’s allowed to skip mtg? He should be in front row. Hypocrisy all! 3:45 PM · Jan 3, 2021

I bring this up for a reason. People in the Grace Community Church and around the country wondered and asked about MacArthur’s health for nearly a month. No one answered. Why? They couldn’t let the world know “Atlas” was sick and especially not with Covid-19 if that was the case.

Therefore, it was thrilling news for followers of John MacArthur to hear that Josh Buice was doing a live interview with him in California the day after the Capitol Hill riots on January 6. They wanted to hear his perspective and it was assuring to know he was healthy. One problem, it was all a ploy to get more listeners and seemingly present MacArthur alive and well. Follow along.

G3 Ministries does podcasts. For example, Virgil Walker and Josh Buice did “a live pastor-talk event” on Friday, January 8. Walker is the Executive Director for G3 Ministries. He works for Buice.

G3 Conference @G3Conference Would you like to engage in a live pastor-talk event with G3? Join Virgil Walker and Josh Buice to discuss pastoral ministry, church network, social justice, and more this Friday at 11am EST. We will gather on Zoom for the talk. RSVP: 9:25 AM · Jan 5, 2021

The conversation between Walker and Buice was live in fact.

The next day Buice and Walker posted the following advertisements about Buice’s supposed live “hosting” of “Special Guest John MacArthur.” Buice lives in Georgia. That means he traveled to California to interview MacArthur.

G3 Conference January 6 at 12:34 PM We will be hosting John MacArthur for the G3 Podcast on Thursday at 2pm on Facebook. Join us!

The next day, they reminded everyone that Buice would interview MacArthur “at 2pm today” and it “will stream from the G3 Facebook page.”

G3 Conference January 7 at 10:55 AM REMINDER: At 2pm today, Josh Buice will interview John MacArthur on the G3 Podcast. It will stream from the G3 Facebook page at 2pm.

They also sent out this email to their followers the day of the supposed interview. It said in part.

“Join us today at 2pm EST on our Facebook page where Dr. Josh Buice will be sitting down with Dr. John MacArthur for a live edition of the G3 Podcast. … Click the link below at 2pm and you may need to refresh your page if you don’t see the live event.”

Notice, it does not say Buice sat down (past tense) with MacArthur but “will be sitting down” (future tense). In reality, however, the podcast was prerecorded 3 months earlier. It was not a “live edition” or “live event.” These were lies.

Let me interject another observation. MacArthur’s comments during the interview about COVID-19 were reckless, misleading, and dangerous. Listen to minutes 22:02-31:05. It was utterly irresponsible of Buice to even use the interview knowing the statements about Grace Community Church were no longer true and the information about COVID-19 was always untrue. Buice was advancing falsehoods. For example:

“But we haven’t had any outbreak of anything. … The church is the reflection of the fact that it’s being proven all through society. People aren’t sick. Our people are not sick.” “In California you have 1/100 of 1% chance of getting COVID. … If you live in California, you have one chance in 19.1 million that you’re going to die from COVID if you’re over 50. If you’re under 50, you have no chance.” “And the masks, it’s so foolish. Most doctors would tell you it’s not going to help you to wear a bacterial zoo in front of your face. That makes no sense. So once our people realized that, there was no real danger here.”

One more note. MacArthur compares his heroic standing “against the authorities” to the actions of Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox and the Puritans. There is no comparison. The man craves greatness.

“If you go back in church history, every place you find a preacher who stood against the authorities, you make a hero out of him, right? I mean, that’s church history. If you study church history, the heroes are all those guys who took issue with the powers-that-be, whether you’re talking about Luther or Calvin or John Knox or the Puritans in the expulsion. They were all thrown out of their churches. … And as we go back in church history and find those locations, we have always made heroes out of those men who stood against the government intruding on the church. Now, that’s just what’s happening today.”

I wrote Buice with questions on January 11. I included his fellow pastors Adam Burrell and Buck Braswell at Pray’s Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia. They are also on the Board of Directors for G3 Ministries.

When no answers were forthcoming I continued to research the matter. Why? Because Josh Buice is another nationally recognized leader that has demonstrated a willingness to lie and deceive for personal gain. This is the plague that infects so much of celebrity evangelicalism which includes John MacArthur. These men will do a national conference on the “Supremacy of Christ in All Things” while Christ is far from supreme in their lives and the conduct of their ministries.

Therefore, I took the time to write Buice and his fellow pastors again in hopes of repentance. I sent the email to Elizabeth Laney, Buice’s personal assistant, and asked that it be forwarded to all the men “upon receipt.”

From: Brent Detwiler Sent: Friday, January 15, 2021 7:44 PM [MT/5:44 EST] To: Pray’s Mill Baptist Church Subject: Confidential Letter to Josh Buice & Fellow Pastors Adam Burrell & Buck Braswell Importance: High I’ve attached an important and confidential letter for Josh, Adam, and Buck. Please forward it to them upon receipt. Thanks for your kind assistance. Brent

I sent “the important and confidential letter” in obedience to Scripture. I was going to my brother in private in hopes of winning him over (Matt. 18:15). It follows below.


## January 15, 2021 Dear Josh, This letter is written to you but I have also in mind those at G3 Ministries [e.g. Virgil Walker] who conspired to lie and cover up with you. I do this with a sincere desire to see you and the ministry honor Christ as supreme by acknowledging the deceitful presentation surrounding the “live” interview of John MacArthur. On Monday, I emailed you, Adam and Buck with questions about this matter. You did not answer which is often a sign of guilt.

From: Brent Detwiler Sent: Monday, January 11, 2021 1:07 PM To: Pray’s Mill Baptist Church Subject: Questions Importance: High Please forward this to Josh and copy it to Adam and Buck. Thank you. Josh, Please help me out. Last week, you said you were doing a “live event” interview with John MacArthur but in fact that was not the case. Can you explain why you said the interview would be live when it was pre-recorded? Further, when this faulty claim was brought to your attention, you answered it was recorded “a few weeks ago” but that was not true. In fact, it was recorded 14 weeks earlier. This too was brought to your attention but you provided no clarification. Therefore, please explain why you said the recording was done in mid-December when it was done the beginning of October? Answers to these simple questions would be extremely helpful. I want to understand your assertions. Therefore, my sincere request for honest answers. Thanks Brent

Since you purposed not to answer I decided to research the matter further. Here are the facts. You expressly and repeatedly claimed you were “live” interviewing John on Thursday, January 7 at 2:30 PM. After being exposed for this lie, you claimed you interviewed him “a few weeks ago” and “a few weeks back.” That too was a lie. You were exposed a second time. As a result, you were forced to admit the interview was in early October but you acknowledged no deception. These are serious matters. I’ve added comments and notes in brackets [ ].

G3 Conference @G3Conference REMINDER: Join us today at 2pm as @JoshBuice will be interviewing @johnmacarthur on the G3 Podcast. It will stream from our Facebook page. We hope to see you there! 10:40 AM · Jan 7, 2021 Julie Roys @reachjulieroys Replying to @G3Conference @JoshBuice and @johnmacarthur Is this interview live or pre-recorded? 11:53 AM · Jan 7, 2021 Modern Day Zorro: Worst Week Ever, Prove Me Wrong @ModernDayZorro Replying to @JoshBuice Is this live? Why won’t G3 say? 12:24 PM · Jan 7, 2021 Modern Day Zorro: Worst Week Ever, Prove Me Wrong @ModernDayZorro Replying to @reachjulieroys @G3Conference and 2 others It’s pre-recorded. RE: COVID, [MacArthur said] “our people are not sick” 12:26 PM · Jan 7, 2021 Julie Roys @reachjulieroys Oh my. @johnmacarthur just said on @G3Conference FB Live broadcast that “our people are not sick.” A GCC [Grace Community Church] attender and @MastersSeminary student has just died! G3 Conf not answering questions about whether the broadcast is live. 12:32 PM · Jan 7, 2021

At this point, “ModernDayZorro” (hereafter Zorro) posts devastating evidence. He was the first to expose your lie about a live interview. He puts up your tweet from October 4. That was two days after your actual interview of MacArthur. He confronts you and G3 Ministries.

Modern Day Zorro: Worst Week Ever, Prove Me Wrong @ModernDayZorro