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John MacArthur, ShepCon & Social Justice | The Jeff Dornik Podcast #2

In this episode of The Jeff Dornik Podcast, Jeff takes a look at the important issue of Social Justice. Last year, there was the Social Justice Statement that was drafted and signed by many within the Reformed Camp. One of the big names who endorsed this statement was Pastor John MacArthur. However, during Pastor MacArthur's Shepherds Conference, he still had Social Justice Warriors like Al Mohler, Mark Dever and Ligon Duncan speak, and even stated from the stage that he's not going to fight his friends. Jeff takes a look at whether this undermines the Social Justice Statement and what we are to do about it.

DISCLOSURE: During this podcast, we play a couple of clips from the Shepherds Conference Q&A session. These are used under Fair Use for purposes of reviewing these statements and to further the discussion using the words of John MacArthur, Al Mohler and Phil Johnson within context to properly understand their positions.

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