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Jerry Falwell’s Photo & why prissy Christians get victimized by the left EVERY TIME | TBBG #11

Jerry Falwell recently found himself in a scandal of sorts, following the outrage over an Instagram photo of Falwell and his wife's assistant dressed up as characters from the Trailer Park Boys. Was the photo stupid and inappropriate? Absolutely! Should it have warranted the outrage mob that rose up and ultimately got him kicked out of his post at Liberty University? Probably not.

Bobby Lopez takes a look at the comparisons between what is happening with Jerry Falwell at Liberty University and what happened to Paige Patterson at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The similarities are uncanny. Could it be that the same tactics and strategy is in place to eliminate those in leadership opposing the new Woke version of Christianity?

The concern with Liberty University now is that they are going to morph into a progressive, leftist university just like all the rest. Without Falwell running the show, you can see the Woke crowd creeping in, trying to gain control of one of the last beacons of Conservative Christianity in America. Their opposition to Social Justice and support of President Trump has set them apart from the rest.

The other angle that they are looking to take control of are all of the assets of Liberty University. There are billions of dollars within the Liberty system, plus the rest of the power and influence that comes along with that university. The Left just knocked out Falwell and are looking to gain control of that system. This is a systematic takeover of the Conservative Christian influencers, and we are playing right into their game.

By continuing the Cancel Culture within Christianity, we are doing exactly what the Left thought we would do. They made a big deal over this Instagram photo, and the Church arose with a mob mentality, willing to devour Falwell. The Left knew that this would happen. They just wanted Falwell out of the way, and we gave them exactly what they wanted.

Cancel Culture needs to end. But that will take each of us taking responsibility to not get sucked into the mob.

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