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JD Hall Embraces Prosperity Christianity

JD Hall, founder of Protestia (formerly known as Pulpit & Pen), appears to have embraced Prosperity Christianity. Last week, JD hosted an online conference called the Wrecking Ball Course, geared specifically to train Conservative Christians how to "out-maneuver the mainstream media, set the news agenda for mainstream media publications, and write polemically to have the biggest impact in the culture wars."

Now, there's nothing wrong with hosting conferences and charging for them. There's also nothing wrong with making a profit. We live in America, which is a capitalistic society, which has its roots in Biblical Christianity. We, here with The GateKeepers, are seeking to provide services and products to fund our work instead of asking for donations. We'd rather you direct your donations and tithes to your local church. If we offer a book or product that you feel is worth paying for, that's plenty of support for us!

The issue here is that JD charged just under $400 per person to learn how to blog and do polemics like him. Compound that high price with the fact that it's an online event, so there's virtually no overhead, and it sure appears to be a way to make a bunch of money quickly with virtually 100% profit.

For all of the criticism of other pastors for being in ministry for financial gain, it sure seems that this is the pathway that JD & co are taking.

Instead of fleecing the flock for large sums of money, I'd rather provide products and service where people can pay a little money and get plenty of value in return. Whether that's a book, a conference or even our membership program, everything we do here with The GateKeepers is to promote the Kingdom, provide as much as we can for free, and then financially support ourselves by providing as much value as we possibly can.

If you want to learn how to blog, podcast or even write a book, I'm more than willing to share my "secrets" for free. We've had more than 6 months of consecutive growth, now bringing in 5 times as much traffic to The GateKeepers as we used to. For me, I want to see more voices jump into the overall conversation, and not limit that to those with a lot of financial resources.

My mission has always been to make The GateKeepers a place for more voices, where I'm platforming and helping those who I feel need to be heard. Unlike other podcast networks that charge simply to have their show aired on their network, I find ways of supporting our podcasters, all while not charging my guys any fees.

This is the path forward. We've got a lot of plans and projects coming very soon. The more we think about the mission instead of profit, the more effective we'll be. The more we focus on bringing God glory instead of ourselves, the more we'll get the Biblical message out to the masses.

I'm extremely grateful for the guys we've assembled here with The GateKeepers. We have a common mission. A common purpose. We all want to bring God the glory and continually reform His church, bringing it back to Biblical Christianity. I hope you'll join us in this mission!

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