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Jack Posobiec is spot on… Corporate America is supporting the Chinese Communist Party

Jack Posobiec posted a tweet that stated, “If you are listening to someone talk about the threat of the CCP and they don't talk about corporate America's role, then you are listening to an idiot.” We are facing a national security threat with our dependance upon the Chinese Communist Party, and we cannot ignore the role that Big Business plays in this.

If nothing else, 2020 exposed just how dependent America is on the China. We’ve taken for granted our trade relationship with the CCP, turning a blind eye to the slave labor employed by this nation. For too long we’ve pretended that China is a friend, when it is really our fiercest foe.

We’ve allowed big corporations to manufacture their products in China primarily because we enjoy buying cheap crap. Yes, I said crap. I don’t want to elevate the quality of Chinese products to “goods.” It’s crap, and that’s a fact. However, this just goes to show that we’ve become so accustomed to cheap products made in China that we ignore the corruption that goes along with this practice.

One of the big problems with relying so much on China for manufacturing is that they undercut American jobs by using slave labor… or, at the very least, paying poverty wages to their employees. While Democrats are pushing for $15 minimum wage, they are also promoting Chinese products. This makes it impossible for American manufacturing to compete when a company has to choose between paying someone $15 an hour or 25 cents an hour. American jobs just can’t compete.

One of the other huge national security threats is that with all the trade going back and forth between the United States of America and China, we see millions of people traveling back and forth between the two countries every day. With all of the extreme disease and outbreaks that come out of China, this is setting us up for repeats of COVID-19, unless we can severely limit the amount of travel between the two countries.

The Chinese Communist Party has proven themselves to be dishonest, to say the least. They attempted to cover up their involvement in the coronavirus outbreak, trying to pin it on American soldiers. Their government cannot be trusted to protect the world from the genetically altered diseases that come out of that nation, so we need to have an America First foreign policy and severely limit travel to and from China.

The other aspect to China being a national security threat is their goal of becoming the world’s super power. We’ve already seen Alleged President Joe Biden acknowledge that China is aiming for that role, and even implied that they are the leader of the world. This cannot be tolerated. The fact that they have so much power is because of our country and our corporations doing so much business with them. By funneling money out of the United States to China, we are actually funding the CCP and propping them up as the world leader. It’s time that stops.

If we want what’s best for America, we’ll stop treating China like a friend. They are our enemy and the greatest national security threat that we face today. We must root out their influence in our nation. If we do not, I’m afraid that we are facing an overthrow of the likes we’ve never seen before. Right now China is winning, but they haven’t won yet. There’s still a window where we can turn things around. Let’s take advantage of this and make America First our motto again.

To watch the full episode of Let’s Talk Right Now on Rumble, please click here:…-corporate-america-is-supporting-the-chinese-com.html?mref=1wxk5&mc=ehuil

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