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Is the White House about to play the "Pence Card"?

During a recent episode of the NOQ Report Podcast, Bobby Lopez (host of The Big Brown Gadfly) joined JD Rucker to discuss the Constitutionality and likelihood of Vice President Mike Pence choosing Republican electors from the contested states over Democrats. As listeners of The Big Brown Gadfly know, Bobby is a Constitutional and American history expert, going through the articles of the Constitution that relate to this topic as well as the presedent set in elections and court cases in the past.

Here's the description of the show:

In recent days, I've dismissed the notion that Vice President Mike Pence would invoke his powers to correct the results of the election. It was a mistake to exclude it as a viable possibility because doing so undermines my ultimate premise, that an infinite God can do miraculous things, even when we least expect it. Now, there are indicators that we may be seeing the "Pence Card" played as early as Wednesday. Buckle up!

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