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Is the Southern Baptist Convention complicit in covering up Election Fraud?

Just a couple of weeks ago on The Big Brown Gadfly, Bobby Lopez and I discussed the bombshell article on Capstone Report and Enemies Within the Church exposing the financial connections to Globalists like George Soros and Paul Singer. What's been proven is that George Soros' Open Society Foundations has direct ties to the ERLC, run by Dr Russell Moore, the Southern Baptist Convention and MLK50.

Capstone Report has also shown that ERLC has been claiming that there is no voter fraud in this election. A lot of Conservative Evangelicals have been surprised at the recent push to the left by leaders like Albert Mohler, Moore and JD Greear. When we learned that Soros & Co have been contributing financially to Southern Baptist organizations, it began to appear that this shift was influenced by that. However, now these Evangelical Leaders have been taking a stand AGAINST Election Fraud, denying that there's ANY evidence of voter fraud.

Why would they take this position? Well, we may have just found out with some breaking news today!

I was alerted by Mindy Robinson that George Soros had hired the Chairman of Smartmatic to be the new President of Open Society Foundations.

You can clearly see that this is not just a wild conspiracy theory. This is coming directly from George Soros' Twitter account...

You may be asking, what does this one tweet have to do with the Southern Baptist Convention? Let me remind you, Open Society Foundations have financial ties to SBC orgs, including ERLC. Now, Malloch-Brown has been on the board of Open Society for quite a while, so this is nothing new. Malloch-Brown is also the chairman of Smartmatic, who are finding themselves in the middle of the Election Fraud scandal of rigging the 2020 Election.

So now we have a direct tie between one of the companies being accused of stealing the 2020 Election from Donald Trump in favor of Joe Biden with the Southern Baptist Convention & ERLC, who have been denying the reality of actual evidence of this rigged election.

The logical question that we must ask in light of this new revelation is this: Why are the Southern Baptist Convention & Co covering up and denying the mountain of evidence pointing to the fact that the 2020 Election was rigged? Could it be that they are compromised and providing cover for the very company, Smartmatic, that is being accused of pulling the biggest Election Day scandal in the history of America?

This, in my opinion, is a blatant credibility problem for these Evangelical Leaders. How can we trust that guys like Mohler, Greear and Moore aren't leading people astray? How can we trust their leadership when they are promoting the very talking points put out there by Open Society and Smartmatic, who they have financial ties with?

Here's my conclusion from all of this: The Southern Baptist Convention is corrupt. The leadership cannot be trusted. They are compromised, both because of their shift to the progressive left as well as their financial ties with the Globalists and Marxists. At what point will Christians stop tolerating this type of corruption? At what point will the Church demand that these leaders account for themselves?

I've been calling for a New Reformation within the Church for quite a while now. The visible Church is compromised beyond belief. The fact that there are direct financial ties with the very company allegedly behind this stolen election is mind-boggling.

So let me close with this... If you are a Southern Baptist, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to demand that they account for themselves? Will you insist that they resign from their leadership positions? If nothing changes, are you willing to walk away? No matter how you are convicted on this, one thing is sure: These men are not above reproach and, in my opinion, are disqualified from ministry.

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