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Is Lyft Leading to Blacklist Conservative and Republican Contract Drivers?

Since the COVID-19 came to the shores of the United States the days have increasingly become more difficult for citizens. The panic behind the virus quickly led to the opportunity for globalist power grabs and leftist subjugation of our constitutionally protected rights. Social distancing measures were put into place. Task forces by the federal government were developed and given oversight into decisions which would greatly affect our country.

Private businesses were demanded to shutdown as elected representatives enacted measures to determine which were essential and which were not. Nationwide we witnessed our rights crumble as executive orders locked down the country and businesses were shuttered resulting in massive job loss. Our economy, which was doing very well, all but died.

It is no secret that we have been polarized and practically divided down the middle on the right side and the left side. There is no longer a middle ground. You were either with one or you were not. The decision you made determined the direction you saw fit for the United States to take.

The remaining companies have been enforcing CDC and WHO guidelines such as wearing masks and gloves, six feet social distancing and limits on the number of patrons allowed in their stores at one time. Many businesses which were not allowed to operate began to feel the coming realization that they would no longer be allowed to operate and that they would lose all private property and ability to care for their families. Some used civil disobedience and opened their doors. Private citizens longing to be with family and friends - tired of being on unlawful shutdowns and directives - broke the orders given to them. Neighbors turned them into the state. Fines and jail were given. Only certain people could work and only certain people could participate in activities.

Leftist representatives and governors, Republican and Democrat, have thrown around ideas of more surveillance into the lives of citizens. They must be watched. They must be tested. They must be identified. This must be completed even if that means against their will. They will issue emergency and disaster declarations, executive orders and pass bills to do this. That is the major concern with the TRACE Act, H.R. 6666. This bill would enable them to use faith-based organizations, clinics, and various other organizations to set up methods to bring in citizens to be tested for COVID-19 and to monitor these and other individuals associated with these areas. Cash incentive for an economy desperate to earn cash.

If you oppose any of this then you are now the far right no matter what side of the political aisle you identify yourself to fall into. You are now the one hindering the progress and are now the person who must be dealt with.

The worry, however, is that people need to be employed. Will they have their rights intact when businesses do open - if ever? That brings the concern of who is being chosen as essential, beneficial and able to open. Also, who is not. How will they determine this?

Lyft is one such company in the formerly plumping gig economy that has been used in a variety of ways for Americans to make cash - in large or in small amounts. Now, for those still able to drive it (as there has been a waiting list for new drivers) it has become a necessity over a side hustle. The rides were still sparse. Remember, everything is locked down so only certain places have people visiting. Most are still at home. That makes it even more crucial when you do get customers who need rides.

Beginning June 1, 2020 Lyft is instituting measures and rules to do their self-claimed duty to ensure decrease of the spread of COVID-19. All drivers and riders will be required to wear a mask and self-certify they do not have the virus. For those against this - less choices on making income.

They have also given other ways for drivers to possibly earn income and that is by the Driver Community Task Force which allowed you to offer a personal number for contact by individuals who would need N95 masks and other personal protective equipment. Seemingly innocent and virtuous enough to some, but you have to make agreements. Then upon selecting a link you are sent to a survey that Lyft used SurveyMonkey to deliver.

The survey is apparently intended to help them track cases of COVID-19 within their fleet of contractors. The questions are not too terribly intrusive when you first enter the survey. They ask the normal of how you feel health-wise and if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. Other more concerning questions are included such as how you might feel during the lockdowns based on a rating scale. Yet, those are even less concerning than the final two questions:

"In general, would would you describe your views on most political issues," followed by the choices, very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal, and very liberal.

"In politics today, do you consider yourself Republican, Democrat, or Independent ," followed by the choices Republican, Democrat, and Independent.

These are peculiar questions to be asking those you are contracting especially after they participated in your survey that is apparently intended to help track the COVID-19 pandemic. Rights are protected federally on hiring practices and discrimination against citizens in hiring or firing. Political affiliation and practices are not among those. However, in some states there are codes against it. One such code is in California where Lyft is based in San Francisco.

At least California Labor Code § 1101 prevents them from denying the ability to work for them based on these affiliations. It is a little difficult to deny this would be the purpose for such questions on an unrelated survey.

Lyft was confronted on Twitter but still to this time of writing there has been no address to the concern presented.

We must now ask ourselves other obvious questions:

Is Lyft the only company asking questions of this magnitude in surveys of contractors and employees? Is Lyft leading the charge on shutting down the ability to work by those that don't share their political views or desires to test everyone for COVID-19? Are we now seeing the movement to document those they will eventually take from their homes and isolate as set forth in H.R. 6666?

If there are other concerns you have seen with similar issues reach out to Dustin Faulkner by email, battlefrontbroadcasting@outlook.com. All information and identity will be respected and protected. Help us to expose what is going on with our private sector economy.



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