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Is John Macarthur Qualified For Ministry?

I did a live podcast with Jeff Dornik this week that covered many subjects including “Is John MacArthur Qualified for Ministry?” You can watch the video or listen to the audio. It is a condensed telling of my personal story, history with Sovereign Grace Churches, and work at large for leadership integrity.

I talked about my upbringing, conversion to Christ and the radical resultant change to live for God’s glory, not my own; my early history with Larry Tomczak and C.J. Mahaney, our starting People of Destiny International in 1982 (aka Sovereign Grace Churches, Inc.), its growth and favor with Reformed and evangelical leaders, my role in caring for C.J. over the years, C.J.’s blackmail of Larry in 1997, the need to send out The Documents in 2011 when C.J. attempted to deceive everyone about why he was taking a leave of absence, the orchestrated campaign to discredit me that immediately followed, the unscrupulous review of C.J.’s written “confessions” by three national leaders, the 35 year history of not reporting sexual assault and child sexual abuse, the fraudulent internal investigation done by Covenant Life Church in 2014, and the refusal by SGC to do an independent investigation now.

I also talked about the widespread lack of accountability among well-known Christian leaders from an insider perspective, the fact that spiritual gifting and sound doctrine do not mean a leader is godly or meets the qualifications of Scripture, the severing of ties with C.J. and Sovereign Grace Churches by Al Mohler and Together for the Gospel, the involvement of Rachael Denhollander and more.

I also honed in on John MacArthur’s horrendous lying about going to Memphis in 1968 with civil rights leaders Charles Evers and John Perkins, standing on the blood of Martin Luther King and entering the boarding house bathroom (which was under police guard) from which James Earl Ray fired the fatal shot. I also exposed Phil Johnson, John’s Executive Director, for his horrific deceit and vicious verbal attacks upon the reporter who broke the story in February in an attempt to cover up John’s audacious fabrications.

I also harkened back to an earlier time in April 2016 when Phil defended C.J., sought to discredit me and The Documents on his Facebook page, mocked me for not answering a question when my wife was having surgery, and lied about interacting with victims of sexual abuse in the lawsuit against C.J., Sovereign Grace and others. I even received a phone call from Chris Hamilton, Chairman of the Board for John’s church, in an attempt to silence me and keep me from reporting the facts concerning Phil’s deceit and verbal assaults upon abuse victims. I also talked about Phil recommending that Tom Chantry replace him on the Pyromaniac’s blog.

In addition, I talked about John’s bogus claims that he was a Collegiate All-American football player and attended the NFL Washington Redskins training camp, etc. Further, I shared about C.J.’s intervention in trying to help John build relationally with his top pastors, discussed the on-going investigation of The Master’s University & Seminary by the Western Association of Schools and College and the U.S. Department of Education, my efforts to get Al Mohler, Mark Dever, and Ligon Duncan involved in addressing John, and my attempts to get the Christian press to cover this massive story.

I was on the road in a motel room when I did the podcast sitting in front of a widow with too much sunlight. I was also tired. At three in the morning, I was dumb enough to look at my phone messages and see I was being called a liar by Rich Richardson, etc. He is one of the six men on the Sovereign Grace leadership team. It never ends. I am working on an article that will address Richardson and supplement what I shared on the podcast. Check back.

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