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Is it too late to save America?

With all of the chaos already in 2021, America is becoming more and more polarized. It's entirely possible that we have gone so far down this path that we cannot return to business as usual. Bobby Lopez, host of The Big Brown Gadfly, joined this episode of Freedom One-On-One with Jeff Dornik to discuss where we go from here.

Here's the description of this episode:

Everything that occurred in 2020 has culminated to this very point. The combination of the impeachment of President Donald Trump a year ago, followed by the COVID-19 lockdowns, BLM/Antifa riots, mail-in ballots, voter fraud, Big Tech Censorship, the Mainstream Media promoting Fake News and now Congress Certifying the fraudulent election results have all led to creating an extremely polarized America where there is serious talk about Civil War or the nation dividing. The question is, can there be a return to normalcy? To know what's next, we can look at history to see what has happened in the past. Bobby Lopez, a history and Constitutional scholar, joins this episode of Freedom One-On-One to discuss the current state of America. It's clear that we are so polarized that it's virtually impossible to see any pathway to reconciliation. The worldviews cannot be reconciled, which is why it was so important for Trump supporters to show up at the Capitol yesterday. In fact, Bobby makes the point that we have to show our country's leadership that we will not tolerate our votes not counting, our rights being stripped away and simply flat-out lying to us! What's the path forward as Conservatives and Americans? Some are suggesting starting a third party, while others are discussing attempting to reform the Republican Party. But if Joe Biden becomes president, do we even have a shot of regaining power in this country? We are facing some difficult decisions in this country. However, we have to remember that the fight is not over. A lot can happen between now and Inauguration Day. Do not lose heart. No matter what, we press forward and defend the Constitution as best we can!

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