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Is it too late for America? | Patrick Wyett | Conversations with Jeff #89

This episode of Conversations with Jeff features The Shining Light Podcast co-host Patrick "No Compromise With Evil" Wyett to discuss whether it's too late to save America. Patrick is also one of the contributing authors of Social Injustice, as well as the upcoming book Darkened Pulpits.

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Is it too late for America? Patrick Wyett is warning that it might be. While God can (and does) as He wills, it sure appears that America is under judgment.

Patrick explained in this episode of Conversations with Jeff that we, as a country, have been aborting millions of babies for decades now, and we also glorify sin in a way unheard of in America history. The downfall of our nation is a direct result of our churches being dismantled from within. We've stopped preaching the Gospel and proclaiming the truth. The church used to be the moral compass for our country, yet that is no more.

The result of the moral decline of our nation is what we are seeing today. Our government has become authoritarian, stripping us of our constitutional rights. We are seeing riots in the streets, and our governmental leaders providing cover for some of the most heinous crimes being committed. This is what happens when a society becomes godless, as America's has become.

If we want God to bless America again, we are going to have to make a drastic change. The church is going to have to rise up and fulfill our mission again. We are going to have to proclaim the Gospel to the world, all the while getting involved in politics to promote our conservative values. We need a nationwide repentance, such as we saw from Israel throughout the Old Testament. We can still be that light shining on a hill... but we are running out of time.

Patrick Wyett is a wealth of knowledge, and I highly encourage you to check out The Shining Light Podcast, which he co-hosts with Pastor Sam Jones. He also has an upcoming book called Darkened Pulpits that will dive deep into much of what we discussed during this episode.

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