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Is Forced Sterilization of Unwanted Segments of Society Coming Next?

The Chinese Communist styled version of psychological conditioning by forced masking has succeeded in San Francisco California. I am in the airport and looking at voluntary masking. This airport (unique from every other airport during my recent travels) shows a dramatic increase in voluntary masking. Half the people are wearing masks-maybe more. Some are wearing two masks.

Voluntary-masking is how America should have handled this throughout the entire saga across the last three years. What a terrible error in judgment - beginning with the progressive statism of Donald Trump and extending itself through the progressive statism of "Uncle Joe."

This is very sad, but not surprising. The jury is out, but if the politics of the hard-left (or liberty-crushing fear in the statist-middle) are going to be intellectually consistent they will literally need to wear these masks for the rest of their lives... because flu... because covid... because both of those diseases kill at about the same rate by percentage of the population.

I said that I was concerned about this 2 and a 1/2 years ago and now I'm watching it happen, exactly as predicted. I also warned the puic that "forced vaccinations would follow shortly after the forced maskings." They said I was being ridiculous. I was exactly correct.

Maybe forced sterilization of unwanted segments of society (also done in China) will be here in ten years? Go ahead and pretend I'm wrong. I'm used to it. Almost noone listens until it's too late.

The politics of statist, tyrannical destruction are very strong in at more than half the population of this country and that number is rapidly growing.

Pastor Cary Gordon contributed to the book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America. Other contributors include Denise McAllister, Pastor Greg Locke and Dr Michael Brown. Order your copy today!

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