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Mark your calendars! On February 6th, The GateKeepers will be hosting our second online conference! Our last one was in the beginning of 2020 called the Destroy Social Justice Conference. If you are a Plugged In member, you get exclusive access to the recording from that event, including sessions by Mychal Massie, Pastor Greg Locke, Pastor Ken Peters, Rev Thomas Littleton and so many more.

Now, as we head into 2021, we are kicking things off with another extremely timely and relevant conference: Infiltrated: Church & State. This online event will expose the Leftist infiltration into both the Church and the State. We’ve witnessed the the destruction of both during this past year. However, if we are going to turn things around as Christians and Americans, we must understand where this infiltration came from. That is exactly what we are setting out to do with this online conference!

The speakers for this conference include: Denise McAllister, Pastor Ken Peters, JD Rucker, Bobby Lopez, Dr Mike Spaulding, Pastor Sam Jones, Dustin Faulkner, Schumann and myself. We’ll be kicking things of on Saturday February 6th at 10am PT/1pm ET with nine sessions plus a panel discussion. We’ll dive deep into understanding the strategy of exactly how the Marxist Left have been able to successfully hijack Christianity for the purposes of conquering America.

For only $15, you can livestream this entire event, as well as join in the conversations, posting your questions that you’d like us to discussing during the panel at the end of the day.

On top of that, Plugged In members get FREE admission to Infiltrated! Our Plugged In membership is one way that you can support what we are doing here with The GateKeepers. For $10 a month or $100 for the year, you’ll get exclusive access to the recordings of our Destroy Social Justice Conference, the the weekly livestream of The GateKeepers Podcast, 30% off in The GK Store plus FREE access to all of our online conferences. For pastors, military (active or veterans), police officers and students, the annual membership is only $50. Click here to join today!

We are also offering a bundle pack of admission to the conference and our book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America for only $30.

Use code JEFF for $5 off admission. We look forward to seeing you online at this conference on February 6th at 10am PT… make sure you get your tickets today!



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