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If we do not act soon, America will not recover

Christianity is the glue that held America together for over two hundred years. The seams are being rent right before our eyes. How long we can remain a free people depends on what Christians and liberty-minded people will do in response to our current circumstances.

When a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles allows God to be forcefully removed from our public dialogue, including from the education of our children, how can we stand?

When organizations are funded by the government and wealth corporations to attack the traditional family of a biological man married to a biological woman, who together rear their biological, adopted or foster children, how can a nation survive?

When life itself is no longer sacred and pre-born human beings, as well as the elderly, disabled, or those suffering fro disease, can be lawfully murdered, what hope is there for any other citizen to believe that their government will not eventually turn on them?

When theft is legalized under pretentious programs of unethical government grift, will not the industriousness of honest Americans be destroyed?

When envy and hateful behavior are condoned and even cultivated in a people by the very government the people elect, how can a nation hope to survive?

The question we should be asking ourselves right now is this: Do we want to reclaim an America where people are free, cities are safe and Americans are once again equal to the last of self-governing? If we do not act soon, America will not recover.

Pastor Sam Jones has laid out a precise road map to reclaiming what the wicked and evil-doers in our midst have robbed us of and how we can get it back. Make no mistake, 5 Steps to Kill a Nation and How to Stop the Bleeding offers no easy fix, no painless antidote to the maladies we are suffering.

It will take courage, determination and fierce devotion to God to stand against evil and advance the cause of Christ in our day. Friends, we were born for such a time as this! Will you step out and say to God, "Here I am send me?"

This article is an excerpt from the book 5 Steps to Kill a Nation and how to Stop the Bleeding by Pastor Sam Jones. To order this book today, click here.

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