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How situational ethics and partisan hacks created America's highest inflation rate in 31 years

We have the highest inflation rate in 31 years according to data released this afternoon in the United States.

And you partisan hacks who wear rose-colored glasses and love to blame public figures, party icons, and other nebulas boogey-men need to read my next words very slowly:

"You did this to America by using situational ethics every time you voted for the last proverbial 100 years."

With rare exceptions... every "representative" you elected as assumed "lesser-evils" contrasted with the moving standard of the "greater-evils" across the aisle... Every one of them helped make this happen. Every congressman. Every president. Regardless of political affiliation.

So... You can keep using situational ethics if you insist, but you will inevitably reap what you sow, just like the Bible warned you.

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