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How do we move forward in a world as crazy as 2020? | Jeff Dornik with Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins, operator of 8chan and many other websites and technologies, recently interview Jeff Dornik to discuss the new book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America. We can all agree that the world is insane, but this realization leads us all to two simple questions: How did we get here? and What do we do now?

Jim and Jeff discuss the answers to these very questions during this conversation, and it's a fascinating one, as well. Jim is a part of the Qanon movement (some people - like CNN and others in the Mainstream Media - actually claim that he is Q, himself!), so he definitely has an interesting outlook on the world. The thing that Conservatives and Christians all agree on is that America is crumbling before our eyes...

The book Church & State exposes the leftist infiltration into the Church for the sole purpose of destroying our country. By compromising the moral compass of our nation, Christianity, there is nothing stopping them from pulling off this coup. To get your copy of the book Church & State CLICK HERE and use code JEFF at checkout for 10% off!

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