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How can we Cancel-Proof Christianity? | Jeff Dornik interview on Dr Mike Live

Jeff Dornik, founder of The GateKeepers and CEO of Freedom First Network, recently went on Dr Mike Live, a show hosted by Dr Mike Spaulding. During this episode, Jeff and Dr Mike discuss the upcoming Cancel-Proof Christianity Summit in Ft Worth, TX, where both of them will be speaking, along with Judd Saul, Jeff Younger, Dr Bobby Lopez, Dr Paul Church, Pastor Sam Jones and Doni Anthony.

Christians have relied far too long on the Left for our resources. As we are seeing today, they are pulling the rug out from under us in an attempt to silence our voice. Unfortunately, many are remaining silent in the face of the worst tyranny in American history for fear of being cancelled. It is incumbent upon us to create an alternative ecosystem so that people having nothing holding them back from proclaiming the truth.

When we talk about truth, we cannot limit that to simply the truth of the Gospel, although that is of utmost importance. As Christians, however, we should care about the truth where that is. Today, we are facing a gaslighting of the American people unlike anything we've seen in our nation's history. Whether it's COVID-19, systemic racism, election fraud or what's really happening in Afghanistan, no one really knows what the truth truly is.

One example of that is the propaganda surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines. The American people believe that the vaccines are 95% effective. The problem with that number? It's misleading, at best. If you were to ready the FDA Approval Letter of the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine, you'd see that this 95% effective rate is based on a study of 40,000 people over a seven day period after getting the second jab.

This means, that the vaccinated are "95% protected" for 7 whole days. Do your friends and family know that? Probably not.

On top of that, what does the 95% effectiveness really mean? It's not actually giving you 95% protection. It actually means that it's 95% MORE effective than not getting the jab within 7 days of getting the shot. The number of people that contracted the virus in the study was so extremely low, that it was less than 200 people out of 40,000. When you get down to that small of a number, you are literally splitting hairs.

Why do I bring all this up? Because truth matters. Free speech matters. Dissent matters. And the elites that control everything are using whatever means necessary to shut down all opposing views. This is why it's so important we establish a separate ecosystem from the mainstream, and that starts with cancel-proofing education.

This is exactly what we'll be discussing at the upcoming Cancel-Proof Christianity Summit on September 25th in Ft Worth, TX. I highly encourage you to get tickets to this summit. It will be an amazing time of in depth information, strategizing and fellowship among like-minded believers.

Go to to get your tickets today!

We just announced our very first in-person conference in Ft Worth, TX, called Cancel-Proof Christianityon September 25th. Speakers include Jeff Younger, Dr Bobby Lopez, Dr Paul Church, Jeff Dornik, Dr Mike Spaulding, Judd Saul, Pastor Sam Jones and Doni Anthony, who will be discussing the need for Christians to create our own ecosystem, starting with education. Click here to get your tickets.

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