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How Can America Be The Leader Of The Free World If We’re Not Leading Or Free?

Matt Couch (EIC of The DC Patriot & Host of The Matt Couch Show on Freedom First Network) and Schumann (Host of The Federalist Faction on Freedom First Network) join this episode of Freedom Squad to break down the Afghanistan debacle. How did this happen? What could we have done different? Is it Trump’s fault or Biden’s? Is America still the leader of the free world or have we forfeited that title?

The Afghanistan debacle has already started to blow by and people are moving on to the next story. However, it was such a tragic failure that we cannot allow this to just pass by. The Biden Administration has created more danger for each and every single American with this one move than virtually any president on modern history.

Not only have we given power back to the very Taliban that we fought off for twenty years in the Middle East, but we are back to unrest in the Middle East.

Under President Trump we had a time of overall peace in that region of the world. How was he able to accomplish this? Through actual leadership. He portrayed a level of strength unlike any president in recent history. He was just crazy enough to where our enemies knew that if they crossed the line he’d wipe them off the face of the earth.

Then Joe Biden comes in, who can’t even wipe himself let alone wipe anybody off the face of the earth, and he goes back to negotiating through weakness that was prominent during the Barack Obama administration. This is a recipe for disaster.

Matt Couch and Schumann joined me during this episode of Freedom Squad, which is a special roundtable show a part of my podcast The Jeff Dornik Show. During this episode, we took a deep dive into what went down during this Afghanistan disaster, who is responsible and what needs to be done.

I will let you listen to this episode for a lot of the details, as there is so much information to process. However, it’s important to hold those making these horrific decisions accountable.

I do not understand why there’s no protests in the streets over this, in the same vein as the Vietnam War. This is one of the worst debacles in foreign policy in American history. Our military has spent their blood, sweat and tears, even giving their life at times, during this fight. And it was all undone by one stupid decision by the Biden Administration.

Where is the American leadership? We are supposed to be the leaders of the free world. However, if we’re not leading and we’re not free, is it even possible for us to do so?

Go to The DC Patriot for breaking news and commentary from Matt Couch and his team by visiting Check out the Matt Couch Show on Apple Podcasts.

Check out The Federalist Faction with Schumann on Apple Podcasts.


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